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The cold from the rocky soil beneath my knees was seeping through my jeans and chilling my skin. The once comforting sound of water dripping rhythmically into a puddle echoed around me. A sad breeze drifted through the mouth of the cave and served as a blanket. Just not comforting. It seemed almost like a disappointed sigh from God himself. Goosebumps raised on my flesh, but not from the cold. The fact that the only warmth I received was from the liquid being drained from my own eyes hardly bothered me. No. the goosebumps were not from the cold of the stone around me. Nor the icy stares of the Council.
But from remorse.

Such a strong feeling of self disgust I possessed, it made my stomach flip. It made it to where it flipped so much, it flew to my throat and made itself a barrier. Suffocating me. Trapping me.

In my desperate state, my eyes immediately searched for my brother. Instantly waiting for him to save me. To fix the problem and take all the bad feeling away. To take away the pain. I could hardly muffle a small whimper when he wouldn't meet my gaze. The shadows of his face mocked me with his clear shame and disappointment. In me.

"Olivine Price!" The Director of Angels took a small step forward. The rest of the council followed. As they joined hands, their wings unfolded majestically, forming a closed circle,

"You have committed treason unworthy of the council's forgiveness," I inhaled sharply, "you will be exiled from the Land of the Pure and labeled as a Fallen."

"It wasn't me! No!" My voice broke free from its cage and sobs racked my body. My ribs bean to ache from how much I was crying.

A woman spoke. London was her name. That was the girl my brother fancied, "You have been found guilty. Any pointless objection will be ignored." Her voice reminded me of a strict teacher. Maybe it was because of how her eyes seemed to peer into my soul. Like those of a hawk's.

"But... we're family." Was this heartbreak? I didn't think it would feel this bad. My heart felt like it's been stabbed a million times with sharp shreds of glass. It needed to go away. I couldn't take it.

"If you're ever found on our land or trying to enter our land, you will be sentenced to Hell for eternity. Hopefully, one day, your ways will change and you will do enough good to earn our forgiveness." My brother, Isaiah, finally met my gaze., but I wish he hadn't. His brown depths were filled with so much pain and betrayal, I had to look away.

The council all started chanting in a language I couldn't understand. Their voices grew louder, sharper, faster. Swirling round me as one. Suddenly, sharp pain erupted from between my shoulder blades. I dropped down to a fetal position with my forehead to the floor. Folding my wings around me as if to stop the torture. The pain traveled slowly down my wings. From the corner of my eye, I saw a flicker. A change of color. I raised my head for the slightest bit of time before another wave of pain crashed roughly over me. It was still enough time to see my soft white wings, that always somehow remind me of a mother's embrace, sharpen. Black leaked onto them and spread like ink in water.

Black dotted my vision. My mind seemed fuzzy. The chanting seemed to get louder. Louder. Until all i could focus on was them. My body was aching and my wings seemed stiff.

All at once the noise, the pain, everything left. The cave fell to solemn hush. A dark wave draped over me and pulled me deeper to unconsciousness.

And I dreamt. I had a dream that I was falling. Falling into an abis of guilt and darkness. But ahead, I saw a bit of light shining on a silhouette. My brother. I ran. Faster and faster. But still, I had no hope. His expression became clear. The shadows around me poked prodded and stabbed. His eyes were cold, distant, not him. That isn't him. It wasn't my fault. But it was. It was my fault. No matter how I try to deny it.

I did it.

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