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'I swear to god, I can't find that stupid Officer Jeon anywhere. Where did he go?!' I walk up and down the hallway as I try to take my mess of a head and think.

Last time I saw him was when we did that bank robbery. I took out half of the robbers backup, but when I turned around the other half where taken care of and Officer Jeon was nowhere to be seen.

'Wait, I'm so stupid. I haven't even tried to track his phone!' I think as I plop myself down in his desk and pull out my laptop. Being the nerd I am, I manage to pull his location within minutes of going through several Officer Jeons in the station.

'Why the hell is he all the way in the east side of town?!' I think, starting at the red pinpointed location on my screen.

'I know he has family there, but there's no way that he left in the middle of a bank robbery to go visit them.'  I try to imagine how that would be, Officer Jeon showing up on his parents doorstep, suit having little splotches of blood on it.

I sigh, "Guess I'll go searching for this missing, stupid Officer Jeon."



"Minjun, can't you just let me go already. No one is coming, man. It been a while; two days already." I say, bored out of my mind as Minjun leans against the window.

"Nope, not yet. You're going to be here for a while, buddy." Minjun says walking over to Jungkook's chair in the middle of the room.

Jungkook had been sitting on that chair for the past two days and his legs were yelling at him to stand and walk, but Minjun just had to be smart and keep Jungkook tied to the chair.

At least Jungkook got fed everyday, though he had no idea where the food came from, Minjun would always bring a tray food by for Jungkook by sunset. His room was pretty comfy looking too, with the concrete walls and floor that look so comfy. Not.

'Jeez, when will people realize that I'm gone?'


I follow the pinpoint all the way to the east and I arrive at an old looking household. Nothing suspicious about it all, just a very old looking house with shattered windows. Yep, totally not suspicious that there's new cameras on this old house. Not at all.

I huff and jump out of my (Jungkook's) cruiser. I walk up the old, rickety steps, flinching each time they squeak. Attempting to knock on the door just makes the door open from being hit too hard.

'Okay, I know I'm strong, but I'm not that strong.' I think as I step inside unannounced.

Taking a look at my laptop, I see that I'm literally on top of the red pinpointed location, ON TOP. I take a look around and see that there's both nothing and something in this house. Nothing according to my eyes, but something according to my laptop.

I make several laps around the single room I'm in before advancing into the house and exploring a bit.

I hear a set of footsteps echo above my head. I assume it's Minjun as the shoes sound really heavy. Minjun is always wearing a pair of combat boots whenever I see him.

Though the footsteps seem to have no certain location to reach, I hear them circle the room a few times and then wander around for a while. Then I hear them run into a wall?

"Okay definitely not Minjun."


'What the..." I say as my hand automatically flies up to my forehead. "Where the heck did the wall come from?!"

I huff and continue to search the house, staring at my small laptop screen. "It still says that I'm on top of him?! How?!"

I start walking again, but then I hear a really loud creak. Like, that couldn't have just come from a piece of wood right? In order to make that loud of a sound, the inside would need to be hollow, right?

I hear I loud creak from just above me, and quickly panic since from that sound it just made, I know that the piece of wood is about to break.

I get in an awkward position since I'm still stuck in this stupid chair and quickly waddle away from the loud wood.

I spin around as fast as I can with this stupid chair on my butt and gape as the wood caves in, revealing someone who somehow broke the wood-


"What the...."

I say right before the wood freaking caves in from under me. I don't scream since that would give me away, but I do squeak.

I land on my feet, hard. My feet are gonna hate me for that, but whatever. I'm here for Officer Jeon and I'll go back with Officer Jeon.

I look around and see him, sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. Well, not sitting, more like bending over in an awkward position with a chair stuck to him.

I work hard to keep from laughing, but I can't help it. A few escape my mouth as I take in his appearance.

Along with being stuck in a small, wooden chair, he's covered in dust from what I assume was the wood that I broke. He's still in his uniform too! It's just looks hilarious to me.

"What the..." I say as I watch Officer Flora climb out of the pile of broken wood. "How did you break a whole wooden floor?!"

She doesn't seem to hear me because as soon as she lays her eyes on me she starts laughing. Not like full on laughter just a few short, soft chuckles.

"Heya, Officer Jeon. How's that chair for you?"
she said, walking over to me carefully. I could tell that she was watching her step, probably in case of any stray pieces of broken wood.

"If you must know it's quite uncomfortable, could you get it off?!" I say, sitting back down that way I'm no longer standing in that uncomfortable position.

"Don't worry, I got you." Officer Flora says, walking straight behind me and untying the rope. "This knot is just like a shoelace string Jeon, how'd you not untie it?"

"It is?!" I say, taking my hands back from their position in order to look at them. They're red but I think they're fine.

"Yep, all I did was pull on a certain string and the entire thing cane undone." Flora says, pulling me up from the chair.

"Wow, I'm stupid." I say under my breath as I stand up and start walking towards the door.

"Indeed you are, Jungkook. You are." I hear a voice say, that didn't sound anything like Flora. I whirl around and see Officer Flora do the same to face the mystery voice.

"Nice to see you here too, y/n."

"You too, Minjun."

Say hello to the longest chapter I've ever written! 1000+ words~ I'm proud of myself! Anyways did you anticipate that ending? No? Good, lol

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Say hello to the longest chapter I've ever written! 1000+ words~ I'm proud of myself! Anyways did you anticipate that ending? No? Good, lol

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