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Pen Your Pride

The New pack

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Manny's P.O.V

I jump up when I hear the trucks barreling past, and completely panic. Glancing around I realize I slept in again. Grabbing all my stuff, (Which isn't any more than like a hand full of clothes and a bag of food) I run from forest close to the new pack house that I forgot was there and towards the school which is just outside of the newly claimed territory.

I keep running and sigh when I see the school in the distance, but increase my speed when I hear a twig snap behind me. (If you were wondering what I was doing, I was sleeping under a tree because I have no place to sleep and the school provides somethings anyway. So I technically don't need money because I can hunt my own food).

Just jumping out of their territory I escape the jaws of a very large patched wolf, who growls at me and begins to walk away. I poke my tongue out at him though and go 'bbbbbppppp'  which causes him to  turn and growl menacingly.

I squeal and run into school not looking back.

Walking down the hall i get dirty looks and duck my head down, being gay in the wolf community is hard and as a result I have no friends, get beat up a lot and get called horrible things all the time.

Speaking of getting beat up I turn down the second hall to avoid the bullies and run to my locker. I dump my stuff and go to run back out of the school but can't when my small 5'5 is slammed into the lockers.

"Get lost Faggot. The new pack is here and we need to impress, you will only make us look bad" Dave the main bully says before punching me in the gut and letting me drop to the ground.

I groan in pain when someone kicks me in the back. That is going to leave another bruise. I just hope they don't break another rib like they did last month it took a whole week for that to heal, leaving me not able to walk at all.

After they leave I slowly pulled myself up and started to walk to the class room where I had English with Ms breach who really hates me but I don't care. The door is open so I just walk in and take my seat at the back of the class, this way -hopefully- no one will bother me. I plonk down and will my wolf to help heal me and to my luck he does but then frantically begs me to go to the office. Yipping and jumping around in my head.

'Why?' I ask him but I get no answer so I ignore his plea and rest my head on the desk knowing the teacher won't care if I'm learning or not. Spending my time wondering why he wanted me to go to the office, I just barely notice the door opening and two jaw dropping, seizure inducing, handsome guys entering the class.

I closed my mouth though when I remembered where I was and laid my head down again and tried to ignore their intoxicating scents. But it was sort of hard when my wolf was practically yelling for them. So I blocked him out and listened to what was being said about the hotties.

"Who are you two?" The teacher asked with annoyance in her voice for them being late. You could hear the girls suck in a breath.

"My name is Kyle Hellhound, this is my brother Tyler and we are the alphas of the White fang pack that moved in." Everyone gasps and my head shoots up and see them looking at me. I squeak lightly when I realize the other wolf probably told them I was on their land.

As if reading my thoughts they smirk at each other and walk towards me. I gulp and scoot the furthest away from them as I can but the wall stops me eventually. They sit down blocking my way out, while this is happening everyone is whispering and listening to what the teacher is saying.

I'm not though I'm trying to stay away from the Alphas of the biggest pack in the whole world.Kyle I think reaches over and pulls my small frame over to him with ease, being so scared i don't try to get away but I shake in terror.

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