The ultimate cultivation technique

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hua yinyue

cultivation rank body tempering realm stage 2

luck -10


points 6

skills none

cultivation technique none

items-1000x gold coins,3m of white silk,1x body refining chance,1x disguise mask

"sorry but I don't have any cultivation techniques with me, but you can go to the 2nd level to find and borrow cultivation techniques".Ye hanning explains as she reverts back to her polite tone. Different from the little girl laughing ungracefully a minute ago.

"I can access level 2?"Hua yinyue states with a slightly shocked expression

*sigh*"you really are a newcomer huh?"

ye hanning explains that the first level of the library has books containing the history of the Yun Lan continent. There was a slight trace of disappointment in her tone.

Apparently, there are 4 major continents in this world namely the Yun Lan continent, West Zhou continent, river spring continent and qing continent.

the second level of the library contains cultivation techniques and skills which if one is lucky can find yellow high-rank skills, how long one can borrow the books depends on ones cultivation like body tempering is 1-month soul tempering is 2 months with a limit of 3 books at a time.

Both the first and second level can be accessed by everyone

The third level contains pill forming, blacksmith and some black low-middle level cultivation techniques and skill but the third level can only be accessed by nascent soul realm cultivators

while the 4th and 5th level is unknown and can only be accessed by top elite disciples or the dean himself.

"Ok then adios amigo " hua yinyue states and happily hops to the 2nd level of the library leaving behind a confused ye hanning.

'what is an adios amigo' ye hanning wonders

'probably just a weird slang in from her village which accompanies her weird personality'. Normally even normal country bumpkin give way to nobles with higher status in fear of retribution.

'there are 2 common reasons why she would be so daring as to offend someone with a clan backing them, either they have a backing or is just a plain idiot whose yet to see the world.'

Ye hanning narrows her phoenix eyes, leaking an intimidating aura around her before returning to normal as if nothing occurred, 'if she really has a backing, she should have common sense not to anyhow offend people, especially those despicable vermins from the ye clan'.

With that, she disappears into the shadows,

hua yinyue enters the 2nd level and can feel the slightly pressuring atmosphere, even though yellow rank cultivation techniques are very low ranked, it still takes a master to make them, giving off quite a bit of pressure, even more so when so many are gathered in one place.

hmmm, hua yinyue thinks with slightly furrowed brows, where is the high ranked yellow cultivation technique and skills?


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