To the library!

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 guess I'll get a cultivation technique first"Hua yinyue states with a sigh, wondering what heinous crimes did she commit in her last life to deserve this

In a hall crowded with many youngsters wearing a white robe. Hua yinyue walks towards the library of river flowing sect while admiring ginormous with many shelves with an uncountable amount of books

"Tch look at this country bumpkin here,look at how she's stunned at the first level of a library, probably thought she was a princess with everything till she came here" a voice filled with disdain said.

Hua yinyue turns to see a graceful looking girl surrounded by 2 other girls speaking and replies

"I'm sorry you got a few parts wrong" shyly.

"Tch what? how dare you a country bumpkin talk back to me, you probably entered this sect through dirty means with your looks right?!" replies the taunting girl arrogantly

"Firstly, I don't need to think I'm a princess because I know i am a princess inside and out especially, secondly, I'm sorry I'm so pretty that people think that I can get into anywhere with my face, I know I'm a great beauty that even the gods admire and the heavens cry for a single glance but I'm sorry that I got into this school actually through my talents which made even the most talented people in my village cry, and thirdly sorry that I made you jealous I know I should cover up my beauty but I know even the thickest sheets cannot cover my brilliance"

"Ding hosts gained 2 shameless point

"You shameless woman," The taunting girl says with rage

"why thank you, at least I'm prettier than the big fat elephants shouting crazily in the room" Hua yinyue lazily states

a charming and feminine voice echoed in the halls with a tint of laughter inside

"PFFT hahaha Ye haoben i didn't know you'd even lose to a freshman "Ye han ning shouts

"Your name is Ye haoben?" Hua yin yue states with a shocked look in her face

"TCH I guess a country bumpkin knows me, now beg and kneel then maybe I'll forgive you" the one called ye haoben shouts with a tint of red in her face from either embarrassment or anger.

Hua yinyue laughs with glee"hahaha, your name really suits you, Miss stupid"

*note haoben means quite stupid in Chinese

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