Time to be awesome

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apparently, Hua yinyue transmigrated into the body when was 10, right after she entered the sect.

Rays of light flashed towards a young undeveloped young lady,striking her body with it's never ending soft and vibrant glow , her face which was capable of causing downfalls of cities was lit aglow with it's orange rays.

She stared out the window to see This beautiful scenery of birds chattering and chirping as they flew across the horizon, natural mountains formed thousands of year ago with it's old might remaining as it reigned supreme over all those below, the soft grass drowned in morning dew, also releasing it's all so familiar scent.

The scene was, of course, destroyed when she opened her mouth

"AHH! What's with this puny cultivation rank!!! Someone explain to me now or I'll truss chickens"

Her voice which could please the heavens roared across the entire estate as it scared off the wonders of nature.

System 'Why take it out on chickens?'Of course it would never blindly ask such a question as it continued to reveal her current status.


Name:Hua yinyue

luck -10


cultivation rank : body tempering realm 2nd stage

cultivation technique:None

skills: None

points 1

*there are 7 realms with 9 stages in each realm, Body tempering realm, soul tempering realm, nascent soul realm, earth realm, sky realms, saint realm, ascension realm. Please note that in the cultivation world even 5-year-olds are already at body tempering 3rd stage.

"Ding, hosts body used to be a normal village girl and thus has no way to cultivate, starting off with body tempering realm 2nd stage is already very good for someone who's yet to cultivate"

there is still 3 years until the great me meets the main villainess of the story whose hell bent on destroying the protagonist.

"At least I don't have to worry about the protagonist beating me with my current looks ,Hah!"She said as she turned towards the slightly blurry mirror framed with the cheapest of metals.Admiring her own reflection.

Deep inside she's thinking -I will try my very best to AVOID the protagonist .Tch just because this nutshell of a system calls me to kill the protagonist doesn't mean I'll blindly follow like a stupid dog and dig my own grave. Protagonists are called PROTAGONISTS for a reason.

"Ding, Host's luck indicates that she is fated to always encounter the female protagonist in a horrible way"

"My god,just Ding away please, you annoying waste of human resource,what a disgrace to the race of systems."hua yin yue grumbles in annoyance

"Ding , Ding DINGGGG, due to unknown reasons host will be getting 1x lucky draw instead of 2x lucky draw for entering a new world for the first time"


"Ding, Using lucky draw now"

"Wait what?"

"Ding, congratulations hosts for getting 3m of white silk"

"What am I supposed to do with 3m of white silk, hang myself? or maybe somehow whip my opponents to death with 3m of white silk."hua yinyue explodes

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