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Jimin's attention snapped to the door.

"Ah Joohyun you stay here okay?"Jimin told her smiling brightly, scowling as he walked to the door though.

Jimin swung the door open. There stood two girls holding a bottle of banana milk and pancakes. "Ah you jerks! You scared me oh my god. Come in!"

The two girls walked inside rushing to Joohyun's side.

"You bitch! You scared me!"Yeri yelled at Joohyun.

"YeaH! You weren't answering your calls either and we got an angry Sooyoung when we knocked on your apartment door,"

Joohyun giggled, frowning at the Sooyoung part but giggled anyway.

"I'm sorry~. Please forgive me. And give me your food,"Joohyun Smiled, forgetting about Seulgi.

Jimin watched the cute interaction before going back to his bedroom to wake Taehyung up, grabbing him and dragging him to the kitchen.

Yeri, Wendy and Joohyun were already having a nice conversation realizing that this wasn't their home, becoming awkward.

Joohyun sat there looking around, waiting for the door to open. Nothing.


A few hours had gone by and Joohyun was beginning to get worried. Yeri and Wendy left and Taehyung and Jimin were sitting on the couch cuddling.

Yet no sign of Seulgi.

A call came in and Joohyun Smiled, hoping it was her.

Unknown phone number?

Irene picked it up and listened intently.

"Ma'am this contact number was on the girls health form on the bottom. Her family is unavailable so can you come to Seoul Hospital?"The woman said from the other side of the phone.

Joohyun bit her lip and replied with a short yes.

"Jimin, Taehyung. You asses were going to the hospital,"She was worried but didn't want to worry everybody else.

Then hippity hopped in the car and yeeted themselves to the hospital.


Surprisingly, even with those short legs, Joohyun got to Kang Seulgi's room in no time.

Seulgi was in a horrible state. Her face was bruised and she was beaten. However she was awake.


Lmao sorry for not updating. These are mostly fillers oofies. Your welcome for the cliffhanger and the short as hell chapter.

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