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Monique exhaled from the rooftop she was currently on, still clad in her suit. Chat Noir, Ladybug, and she had gone through patrol of half the city and were taking a break. From where she was, Monique could see the Eiffel Tower, and it had brought back memories. She and her father would always go by the Eiffel Tower and buy macarons, sometimes crepes. The two of them had a sweet tooth, and always loved the monument of Paris. Monique remembered how her father would always carry her on his shoulders, then spin around, sending the two of them in a fit of giggles.

"What are you thinking about, ma chérie?" Chat Noir stood next to the brunette, speaking in a flirtatious tone.

"Nothing much," Monique replied, ignoring the fact he had called her his sweetheart. It almost made her laugh, they had just met, and she knew Chat Noir was a flirt, but perhaps he was too flirty.

"Paris is beautiful at night, is it not?" He was right, it was. The lights of the city and the Eiffel Tower gleamed and shimmered, the moon cast a mystic light, and the wind gave a light breeze.

"It is." Chat Noir looked over at his new partner, watching as the lights reflected in her eyes.

"Your accent, it is somewhat American. I suppose you aren't from around here?" Monique chuckled, spending ten years away from her home changed many things.

"I was born here in Paris, I spent a few years but then left for a long time because of S.H.I.E.L.D, and well, here I am."

"Then, I assume you might speak French?"

"You could say that. S.H.I.E.L.D dit qu'il était nécessaire que j'apprenne beaucoup de langues." S.H.I.E.L.D said it was necessary that I learn many languages. Chat Noir had to admit, he was surprised. He could hear the French accent laced in her words, and her pronunciation was outstanding.


"Hey, lovebirds. We got some trouble downtown." The agent scoffed, they were not lovebirds. Ladybug was just glad Chat Noir had another victim, which was not herself. Plus it was fun watching Hood get frustrated. The three heroes moved towards the 'crime scene', which was a bank robbery.

Chat Noir sighed, "Another robbery. When's something exciting gonna happen?"

"Well, Chat, there hasn't been any akuma attacks recently so that's good."

"But it's sooooo boring." The hero clad in black whined. Monique snickered, her missions were always something extreme, this mere bank robbery would be... a relaxing task of some sort.

Ladybug rolled her eyes, then jumped down from the building they were perched on, followed by Chat Noir and Hood. Ladybug smirked, they could be done with this in a short period of time. Immediately, Ladybug started combat with two of the criminals, Chat Noir dealt with one, while three surrounded Monique. The brunette rolled her shoulders back, swiftly grabbing her Icer gun, and shooting down two of them. The third was quick on his feet and managed to dodge the bullets, which made Monique frustrated. She hated it when she missed. She lifted her arm, making the mini Icer gun pop out, and shot the robber in the head. He fell to the ground, his veins illuminated from the bullet.

"You shot them!?" Chat Noir ran over, viewing the bodies of the three men. "Oh my God, are they dead? They're dead, oh my God."

"Chill. They're just unconscious." Hood rolled her eyes. As if she would actually kill robbers. It was only HYDRA agents that she had the permission to kill. Ladybug walked over, checking one of the mens' pulse. "She's right."

"See?" Chat Noir sighed in relief, which caused Hood and Ladybug to shake their heads.

Suddenly, the agent's posture straightened. Her head shot to the left, she swiftly crouched down and pulled a small knife from her right boot, then threw it. Confused, Ladybug and Chat Noir followed her as she ran in the direction of where the knife went. They kept running until they reach an alleyway, that had a dead-end.

"There's nothing here." Chat Noir tilted his head, placing his hands on his hips.

"There is." Ladybug pointed to the wall and the end of the alley, which showed the knife lodged in it. And stuck under the knife was a butterfly, glowing a dark shade of purple and emitting a cloud of black.

"An akuma," Monique stated her voice void of emotions.

"How the heck did you hit it from over there?!" The cat-themed hero exclaimed, pointing back to the space where they were before. The agent only shrugged and said:

"I had a pretty cool mentor." Natasha Romanoff? Pretty cool? Understatement of the year. Natasha was the best. She still is the best. However, Monique couldn't tell her that, otherwise Agent Barton would start a full-out war.

"We're lucky it was hit before it got to its victim." Ladybug stated, whipping out her yo-yo to purify the akuma. A bright light shined in Hood's eyes, causing her to shield them and turn away. When the light had diminished, she walked over to her knife and pulled it out of the wall.

"Well, we're gonna have to find the next one before it does."


so... i'm alive. unfortunately. i told myself i'd update before my exams... i lied. then i said "when exams are done i'll update". tECHNICALLY, it is after exams. it's been about a week since my last exam, but the day after i had camp so there was no wifi- meaning i could not update. BUT HERE WE ARE, with a very short chapter. bUt don't worry, the next one will be longer! p.s i'm in class right now and there's 3 minutes to lunch.

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