The start of the search

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M'gann was honestly impressed with Dick's mind. It was a circus, a few tents around the big top. Dick headed towards the big top, but stopped. He put his hand up, and a blue barrier popped up. He pushed against the shield, but it didn't change.

He furrowed his brow. "I can't enter here. Think this is where they might be?" He directed the question to J'ohn. He was silent for a moment and said,"If they are, it would explain why only certain memories are locked instead of all of them. The big top contains the biggest, most important part of the circus. In your mind, it's your close family."

M'gann agreed with this reasoning. To keep the person from regaining their memories, psychics can lock people out of parts of their mind. "I'll keep looking. If there are any other parts I can't get into, I'll let you know." Nightwing said before walking off. M'gann and J'ohn entered the big top, looking for any signs of psychic blocking. There was a small red orb, floating and pulsing. In front of it, with his back to them, stood Psimon. He turned around and smiled. "I was wondering when you were coming."

The Martians leapt at him, causing him to move. M'gann attempted to destroy the orb, but it stayed where it was. "I wouldn't bother. It's taken almost two years to create. It's not going to break just like that." Psimon smirked. M'gann sent a blast at him, which he just barely dodged. J'ohn threw himself into battle with Psimon while M'gann focused on the orb.
Nightwing was walking around, so far unable to find anything else he was locked out of. When he came to the animal tent, he saw all the cages and pens opened, and the animals gone. "Even in my mind, I'm pretty sure this isn't supposed to happen." Nightwing muttered to himself.

He set out, now on the search for the missing animals. He heard a rustle coming from a tree. He wanted over there and saw Dharma, the circus monkey in the tree. He smiled. "Dharma! C'mon, I need your help!" The small animal hopped out of the tree and onto Nightwing's shoulders. "I need to find the other animals. Do you think you could help me?" Dharma nodded.

Nightwing walked off, headed for the trailers. There he saw Zitka and Prima, the elephant and bear. When they saw him, their faces lit up, as much as they could being animals. "We need to find Amara and Xala. Have any of you seen them?" Prima shook her head, and Dharma looked down.

Zitka, however, nodded. She led them to the second smallest tent. Nightwing was able to get inside this one, and he saw Amara, the lion, playing with a ball. When Amara saw him, she bounded over and rubbed herself on his leg.

Dick walked through the other tents, looking for Xala. He found her in the last tent. The python was curled around a small lamp. He held his arm next to the lap, and Xala slithered onto it. He walked back to the animal area, putting Xala in her vivarium. He put Dharma and Amara in their cages, and finally put Zitka in her pen. "I'm sorry I put you all back in here, but I'm looking for something. I need to get something I've lost, and my mind has to be in the best condition. I'm sorry, again." Zitka reached her trunk over the pen and hugged Nightwing as best she could. He hugged back, said a final goodbye to each animal, and left the tent.

He walked around, and finally went to a familiar old trailer. Everything was the same as he remembered, except a small screen was on one of the small walls. He sat down in a chair across from it and watched as it flickered to life.

He saw a funeral. He was...crying? Who was it that caused him to cry? He watched as they turned in a screen, showing a familiar face. He knew who it was in an instant, and the pain came back. Wally. He started breathing hard, his breaths becoming quicker. His chest hurt. His heart was hurting. He felt the tears slip down his face. He'd forgotten his brother. Something he'd promised he'd never do.

He was hyperventilating by now. He couldn't breathe. He curled up on the floor, letting the tears slip out. He was seeing black on the edge of his vision. Then he thought: if I pass out, what will I miss? He slowly began to calm down. He had to learn more.

He slowly uncurled. He looked up at the screen again, which changed. Now, he saw a mansion. It was oddly familiar. He saw a man who looked similar to him, black hair and blue eyes. The difference was his face. It hit Dick again. His father, John Grayson. Another family member forgotten.

The next, a woman with brown hair. He had to think. Then, it hit him yet again: Mary Grayson. His mother. He was breathing hard yet again. It was too much.

He watched as the screen changed, over and over again, showing him members of his biological family. But what had happened to them? He knew they had died, but how? Then, the screen changed again.

He saw a trapeze. He knew where he was, his parents were performers! The flying Graysons. He watched as they warmed up, doing small flips and cartwheels in the air. Then, the crowd appeared. And something was wrong.

He knew it from the feeling in his stomach. Suddenly, the bar his parents were swinging from dropped. He almost screamed when he saw them fall. The pain hit harder than it ever had. He was really hyperventilating now. Why? Why were they dead?
M'gann felt something was wrong with Nightwing. His emotions were everywhere. It was grief, pain, maybe even self hate. She had to find him. "I need to find Nightwing! If Psimon goes after him, I want to be able to get Nightwing out of trouble." She flew off, following his emotions.

When she reached the old trailer, she looked inside to see Nightwing having a panic attack. She raced to his side, pulling him into a hug. "Hey, hey, it's ok! I'm here, your safe." "I forgot them, m'gann." "Who? Forgot who?" "M-my parents. My real parents. I promised I would never forget them, and I did. Why? Why did I?" Nightwing was crying. M'gann started rubbing his back. "Psimon made you forget. He's a psychic like me. He made you forget. You didn't choose to."

Nightwing took a few deep breaths before wiping his eyes. "I needed that. Thanks, m'gann." "Wait. I have an idea. What if I have you my memories of your family? It could cause a chain reaction." Nightwing nodded. "Do it.

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