Family Game Night

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Olivia's POV

The next two days were as normal as ever. Jack's parents had him arrested and now resides in juvenile detention center. Good. I never want to see him again.

It was Wednesday, the most boring and excruciating day of the week for me. It was the middle of the week and it seemed to drag on forever. Classes went by so slowly and cheer practice was really rough. I kept falling while trying to stunt and our coach was in a bad mood.

I finally got home and collapsed on my bed. I sighed and tried to roll over to get my phone, but flopped off the bed and onto the floor instead.

I guess I fell asleep for a little while, because I woke up to being carried over Jackson's shoulders like a sack of potatoes down the stairs.

"Ummmm may I ask what you're doing?" I asked, trying to wiggle away but failing.

He walked into the living room and threw me down on the couch. The other three boys were sitting on their phones, but didn't seem to know what was happening either.

"Welcome to family game night!" He exclaimed, grabbing a football from the chest in the living room.

Ben, Dylan, and I groaned at once. I groaned especially loud. My family's idea of "family game night" was not your stereotypical night of board games and a lot of fun.

I wish.

My family's game nights mostly included me getting beaten up. We usually played football, soccer, or did wrestling matches. Welcome to growing up in a house full of boys. I'd much rather just play like Apples to Apples or something.

"Nooooo please don't make me," I whined, throwing myself into the couch cushion and sighing as dramatically as I possibly could.

They all laughed at how dramatic I was being and rolled their eyes. I sat up and crossed my arms.

"Sweet, so we're playing football?" Ryan asked, standing up. I don't know why he seemed so excited, he was a soccer player. Dylan and Ben were the football players of the family.

"Yep. Flag football though, we have to tone it down for the baby," He smiled, looking at me. I gave him the dirtiest look I could manage and slapped his arm.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" He laughed, causing the others to laugh too. They were so mean to me, ALL of the time.

"Whatever. I'm not playing," I demanded, staring straight into his soul through his eyes.

"You sure about that, babykins?" Dylan asked, getting closer to me. He didn't even have to say anything to the others. They all got the hint.

Everyone started to close in on me and crack their knuckles. My heart started beating really fast, which was out of my control.

I hated how much they could intimidate me if they wanted to. I never knew what was coming next.

"Guys. Stop. You're so annoying," I turned my head to the side so I wouldn't have to look at them.

Dylan kneeled down to my level and grabbed my chin with two of his fingers, turning my face to look at him. He let go and stood up again.

"Fine, we'll stop if you admit you're scared of us," He smugly said.

"PSH I'm not scared of you guys," I said. Wow. I wasn't even convinced with that.

The second after I said that, someone came from behind the couch and yelled in my ear. I screamed and fell of the couch, hitting my head on the hard floor.

They all laughed at me and I couldn't do anything about it.

I sat up quickly.

"Fine. I'll play your stupid game. I'll beat you at it too," I looked at Dylan and continued. "We all know I used to run track, and I am a pretty fast runner."

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