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Chapter 6

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Cook set a record for efficiency in packing up and shipping out Valencia and her entourage. That woman is ruthless when crossed. I watched with a huge grin from an upstairs window as Cook personally loaded the final trunk from the walk into the back of Valencias’ carriage, then roughly helped quicken Valencia in mounting the step of her carriage. With a slam of the carriage door, they were off. Turning away from the window I could do nothing but smile at the memory of Valencias’ face when I informed her of her imminent departure. How quickly her story had changed. ‘Kiara who?’ She had feigned ignorance. ‘I was trying to protect you from a wicked slave.’ Obviously since the slave did everything in her power to avoid both Valencia and myself.

I glanced down at the image I held of Kiara. She had been in my hands only yesterday and now she was as gone as before. Of course Valencia ‘had no idea where the slave had been sent’ and ‘only wished she had known!’ That conniving woman! She must have put years of planning into this summer. Her conveniently eligible to marry daughter spending an unplanned summer at the local, tragically single, bachelors’ estate. I obviously underestimated the woman, but she obviously underestimated my determination. I wouldn’t have kept the candle lit for 14 years to give up when she is so close.

Kiara’s POV

A sudden flood of air and light left me gasping for air now that the sack, which had been suffocating in the summer sun, had finally been removed. It took a few seconds of deep, slow breaths before my brain caught up to what the sack removal could possibly mean. I’m here. I’m at Treytons. I’m sure Valencia was exaggerating about his cruelty. I mean compared to her how bad could he possibly be?

Rough hands lifted me out of the back of the cart I had been sitting in, my legs cramped and bound. The guards had to hold me up while they cut the restraints around my ankles and the blood tried to make it into my legs again. With a light shove, we started towards a rather average looking gate around a rather average looking castle that seemed to be lacking in some basic maintenance.

After just a few minutes I found myself standing before a man, and I do believe it’s safe to say that he was Treyton. Sitting on a homemade throne, Treyton was an overweight man about 50 years old and seriously lacking in personal hygiene. His stench was turning my stomach from 30 feet away and you could see the sheen on his unwashed skin even in the gloom of the unventilated room. Greased back hair that was mostly grey, fatty fingers with excessive numbers of gold rings, and he wore fashions that must have been from his father’s wardrobe considering how worn and ill fitting they seemed. Treyton looked like a sorry excuse for a man. Especially after Aiden.

“This must be the girl Valencia sent me as a present!” His whiney voice sputtered the words in a way that made me wonder if he could even read. I watched as he dragged himself out of his throne and down the three stairs and short space of bare floor that had been separating us.

Swallowing back the bile that appeared in my mouth, I did my best to keep a submissive pose and hold my breath. I had to bite my tongue when his hands started to explore my body freely. He lingered everywhere, squeezing my breasts roughly as though they would somehow provide more entertainment if he could pop them. His hands traced the curve of my hips over and over again, agonizingly slowly. He worked his way behind me, his hands grasped each one of my butt cheeks, followed by grinding himself against me. I could feel the hardness in his pants pressing against me and could feel my stomach pushing its contents up towards my mouth. It was all I could do to clench my fists and try to keep from running. “Beautiful.” He mumbled against my ear, his foul breath causing me to gag. “You will be fun.”

Aidens’ POV 

It took the rest of the afternoon to locate the slaves that had delivered Kiara, and the relief of knowing where she was, was offset by the knowledge of where Valencia sent her. Treyton is known for his taste in women. He has the best of the best and enjoys showing them off. However, he is also known for what he likes to do to beautiful women.

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