Chapter One- Part Two

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Third person POV

Alex sighs, playing with Johns blonde hair. They were under the covers snuggled up to each other. They didn't have to worry about getting caught, because Johns parents usually gave him privacy.

John strokes Alex's bare shoulder, "I want to marry you...not her.." he whispered in his ear. Alex's face grew hot, "Me too.." he says, his violet eyes staring into Johns sapphire ones.

"But we can' have to marry her." It hurt to hear, but John knew Alex was right, "I can't Lexi..." He croaks, cupping Alex's soft cheek.

"I just...You're so important to me..I...I can't lose you..."

Alex put a finger to his lip, shushing him, " know we can't do this's illegal, and you're a prince. I'm just an orphaned, royal servant"

John shook his head, "You're so much more than know it...I know it. You're so talented and smart...your essays are a stroke of genius..." he whispers.

Alex Sighs, "But What Good is it when your job is to cook and clean?" Ha asks.

"General Washington noticed you...he thinks your work is brilliant, my dear boy,you are brilliant."

Alex practically melted at the familiar pet name he had grown to love. Alex looks downward, "I can't do anything but this, I came here, and sighed a contract. Your parents feed me and give me shelter, what more could I ask for?"

John rubs his temples, "Dear boy, don't be ridiculous, you came here for opportunity, not to cook or clean." John says, running his fingers through Alex's curly, red, Hair.

"We have to stop this." Alex pulls back, crossing his arms over his bare chest.

John felt a pang in his chest at the rejection.

"Stop What...?" John asks, afraid of the answer.

"This...this sneaking around behind your parents' backs, kissing behind closed" He looked down, willing himself not to cry, "You need to marry Martha." He gulps.


"No..I have to go." He whispers, putting on his uniform and scurrying out. John looks down, blinking back tears, Alex was right, but John didn't want him to be.

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