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" Jake that is your cue to give her a piggyback " Kim tells Jake

" Well you guys are gonna regret calling me slow . Jake and l are about to kick your asses and show you who is slow" I tell them while giving Jake the look that says bitch you best get ready to give me a piggybank and do your thing.

" Do you realise Jake is going to be doing all the work "  Keith says

" we are practically one team so it doesn't count" I tell him while sticking my tongue out and make myself go to where Jake was standing.

Getting on Jakes back I shouted on your mark then I whispered go to Jake's ear. While making sure I held on for dear life. This is something I can never get used to but I gotta admit it makes me feel like I'm Bella and he's my Edward. This is a secret I will forever take to my grave . They would chew my head off if they found out about my love for Twilight. According to them that movie is a disgrace to vampires. Let's just say , last time I suggested watching it when it was my turn to choose a movie I was put through an hour of them telling why they hated Twilight .

We were first to reach the canteen and by the time Keith , Kim and Roland ,joined us I was laughing my ass off.

"Bitch you cheated " shouted Kim

"Yeah, how you gonna play us like that" added Keith .

I stuck my tongue out at them and laughed at their face expression. " No I didn't , I said go and It's not my fault that you didn't listen or hear me .

"Okay can we continue this later after we have eaten".says  Roland reminding us that we are standing and acting like kids at the canteen entrance .

Looking around that's when I realised the canteen was quite and everyone was looking at us. Amused at our banter and well others not so much.

" Well well well , if it isn't Aphrodite "  someone said from behind us .

Turning around I saw a very familiar face coming towards us with a grin on their handsome face.

"Adrian OMG " I scream running towards him for a hug. Adrian or should l say Prince  Adrian is the son of king Alexandra. I'm close friends with him and his sister Ashley and not so much with his 12 year old younger brother Dominic . I can only hope he's not in the canteen . Let's just say , Dominic has made it his mission to make him his princess. I'm hoping his infatuation with me is over .

"Long time no see" he says while hugging me back.

"It's so good to see you and that's because you don't visit me anymore, your highness "I reply

" Don't even try to " He didn't get to finish his sentence since his brother cut him off.

"Aphrodite my Princess , these past months l have been miserable without you. Last time you left without saying goodbye, thus breaking my fragile heart. "  he tell me while making sure to take me away from his brother . I may have forgotten to mention that Dominic is the most dramatic person I have ever met.

" hi , Dominic I have definitely missed you" I tell him and let him drag me to our table hopefully.

we reach the table the rest of our friends are sitting at .

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