Plan's in Motion

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~ Izuku's P.O.V ~

"You ready, Izuku?" Ejirou asked.

I nodded in reply, taking in a deep breath. I exhaled, eyes wide with determination etched into them. I outstretched my arms, commanding the vines to follow my direction. They slowly wrapped around my body, lifting it up. I took one of the vines that curled around me and slowly moved it up to the bundle. The barrier started to form as my vine got closer. It touched, sending shock waves throughout my body. Squeezing one eye shut, I pushed the vine through, clenching my teeth closed at the pain coursing in my arms. I wrapped the vine around the body, placing it over the heart.

"Just keep steady. Move the next vine up and place it around your neck where the pulse should be." Denki obstructed.

Biting my tongue, I did as he told. I slowly moved the second vine from me up and over to the body. I pushed past the barrier, more pain shooting down my arms. The vine moved slower, curling itself around my bodies neck. I placed it on the pulse. I felt my heart throb, loud and painful. I collapsed to a knee, closing both eyes as I huffed out shallow breaths. Shouto stayed close to me, cooling me off with his quirk and helping me stand back up. Opening an eye, I took the last vine around me and moved it up. It shook slightly, moving slower than the last. I felt a rough hand land on my shoulder, giving me a reassuring squeeze. I calmed down, feeling Katsuki's presence.

"This one goes around the eyes. Just take your time and stay calm." Ejirou said.

The vine pierced through, causing more pain. My eye started to close, slowly blacking out. I was so close. I'm not letting this all collapse down now. I pushed on, wrapping the vine around the bodies eyes. Slowly, I took the other vines away, leaving my three keeping the body steady.

"Now, slowly move it towards us. We need to put it in full sunlight." Denki said.

I felt my legs and arms shake as I moved it over, keeping a tight grip on it. Once in the sunlight, I moved it up. That's it. I couldn't take it anymore. The vines were sent back down as I collapsed on the ground, blacking out.

^Third Person^

Izuku blacked out, now laying sprawled out on the ground. His spirit started to waver, glowing a bit as he went transparent for a second, before going back to normal. Katsuki caught his falling body and placed it down beside him.

"What was that? He's not gonna disappear, is he?" Ejirou asked, panic evident in his voice.

"He can't! Not when we're this close!" Denki retorted.

"He's been a spirit for 3 decades, far away from his body. The only way for a spirit to survive this long is if they're sealed up. But, Izuku's been roaming around this whole time. He could disburse into dust at any moment." Shouto commented, causing worries looks to cross their faces.

"We have to get him back in his body soon! We can't let him disappear." Ejirou exclaimed.

As they consulted with each other, Izuku slowly started to regain consciousness. He sat up, staring down at his hands. Tears started to stream down his face as he clutched his head. Shouto noticed and ran over to him, kneeling down and bringing the greenette into a hug, resting his head on his chest.

"I just want to be normal..." Izuku murmured, sobbing into Shouto's clothes as he gripped onto them tightly.

Shouto stroked his curly green hair, hushing him softly.

"This isn't the only thing we came up with, dumba$$. We're not giving up," Katsuki said. "So stop crying. We're trying again."

Izuku wiped away his tears and stood up, a hint of determination in his eyes. He nodded, walking back over to his body. Denki and Ejirou picked up the body, holding it up for Izuku. Katsuki and Shouto placed a hand each on Izuku's shoulders as he wrapped more vines around his body. The same pain shot through him as he held the body up. Both Denki and Ejirou let go as the vines wrapped around the body. He closed his eyes, pulling the body forwards as he reached out a hand. He felt the barrier that stopped him from touching his body.

'I just want to connect... please!' Izuku mentally pleaded, feeling the shock and pain from the barrier.

He felt the push from the two behind him, keeping him on his feet as a finger touched his body. Izuku screamed in agony as pain shot throughout him, electricity sprouting around him as he collapsed to his knees.

"Izuku!" Shouto called, holding onto the greenette as pain radiated throughout his body.

Izuku's ears rang, muscles aching. He clutched his chest as the vines encased him, pushing the two off him. He started to glow, still trying to reach out for his body. He grabbed the clothes, holding onto them tight as he screamed. The vines gripped onto him, hugging him tight as the glow intensified. Izuku's spirit started to waver, becoming transparent as his hand slid off his body, shooting back out of the barrier. Tears welled out of his eyes as he continued to scream, feeling the pain and shock slowly dissipate. He fell over onto the grassy ground, the vines protecting him as he calmed down.

'Why... why...? I just want to connect...' Izuku silently cried, curling up into a ball as the pain submersed. 'Why...'

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