:Chapter 13:

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"She passed out?" Isadora asked looking at Lore who was unconscious on the couch. "Yeah, she thought I was crazy and then I showed her, she watched for a bit before passing out." I said and Isadora ran a hand through her strawberry-ginger tinted hair.

"Why did you tell her?" Isadora asked. 'You should explain to her the whole situation. She is our best friend and would completely understand.' "Death visited me yesterday." I said. "Really?" Isadora asked in interest. Isadora had always been interested in Death and me being his vessel.

"Lore. . . she's on the reaping list, but if I mark her and do something important it takes her off, it pretty much cures her heart disease and gets rid of it, so I needed to introduce her to the werewolf world so I don't terrify her." I said.

"Because if I just up and marked her it would get bad. Lore and I are doing so good in our relationship and just up and marking her without her consent wouldn't be good." I said. 'More than anything I want our relationship with Lore to go quite well.' I nodded at that.

And then Isadora hugged me taking me off guard. "Oh I'm so sorry Isaac, I thought my mate situation was complicated with Darcy being younger than me. But yours on the reaping list, I'm so sorry Isaac." Isadora said pulling back and I simply gave her a smile at that.

"I'm not going to let anything happen to her Isadora don't worry about it. I have about 3 weeks exactly to get this all in motion. I'm not asking her to mate with me just to take the mark." I told Isadora. 'Just to take the mark and then we'll build up our relationship.'

I smiled at Isadora who returned it. "Well that's a good idea, just don't let her be reaped, it's not like we have second chance mates. Lore is your one and only mate." Isadora said and I nodded at that.

'Isadora is like a mother hen, always caring and loving. Wanting to help her closest friends.' She did make me happy to have a friend like her. Isadora had been there long before I could remember, she was just as natural as my parents and my siblings when it came to memories.

'Can't remember a time where she didn't exist, it's nearly impossible to.' Yup. Isadora had always been there and I had always been happy to have her as my friend and nothing could ever change my opinion on her. Isadora was my best friend and I was always thankful to have someone like her.

"You remember that as well Isadora, one day Darcy will be sixteen." I told her. Isadora cracked a bit of a smile at that. "Yeah I know, I cling to that hope of when he turns sixteen, but I am nervous to how he will react." Isadora said.

I tilted my head to the side in confusion. "What do you mean by that?" I asked. "I mean he's been my mate for years, but I never told him. He might be a bit hurt by that." Isadora said and I watched her carefully after stretching a bit with a smile.

'She seems to have some worries over her and Darcy's relationship, we should comfort her some on that whole ordeal that is going on.' "I'm sure everything will be fine. Darcy, he's a good kid I'm sure he'll understand completely on what is going." I told Isadora with a soft smile on my face.

"Thank you Isaac, I'm sure Lore will understand everything about you as well." Isadora said with a smile on her face as we looked back at Lore. She was passed out on the couch and I smiled at her moving some hair from her face with a gentle smile.

'She looks so peaceful asleep, I'm a bit worried on what we're going to be confronting when she wakes up.' I was too, but I could do it. "Least Darcy is a werewolf and you don't have to slowly introduce him to the werewolf world." I told Isadora with a crack of a smile.

"Nor on the reaping list, just be glad for that." I told Isadora who nodded at that as I looked back at Lore. Lore was on the reaping list. But I was going to prevent her from being reaped. The reapers didn't want to fuck with me.

They didn't want to come in a radius near my mate or they would reap the consequences. 'At least Death decided to tell us that Lore was on the reaping list. And gave us a head start to not let Lore get reaped.' That I was incredibly grateful for.

Getting that head start on getting Lore to let me put a mark on her and give her something special of mine. The special thing I had no idea about, the mark I knew about. Biting my lip I smiled at Isadora. "Now to wait things out." And then we took a seat on the couch to wait.
Finally after two hours Lore began to stir. 'She's awake! Oh shit now we're going to have to face the thing that we have been avoiding, I'm a bit nervous on this whole ordeal.' As was I. Lore held her forehead as her eyes opened and she looked at me.

"Was I dreaming?" Lore asked. "Depends on what you remember." I told her as Isadora shared a look with me. I wasn't surprised that she would pass it off as a dream. Most human minds blocked out anything not normal and unfortunately for me I was not normal.

'We're werewolves, something that she has never before come across, we're her first one, I almost feel proud about that for some reason.' I nodded at that. Lore swallowed as she ran a hand through her messy brunette hair before looking back at Isadora and I before beginning to speak.

"You saying you were a werewolf and that your pet wolf Venom wasn't a pet, and then a wolf. Venom." Lore said. "Must of been some crazy ass dream." Lore said. 'And there goes her human blind blocking out the unnatural.' I weakly smiled at her prepared to crush that bubble of human naïve and innocence.

"It wasn't a dream." I told her letting my eyes glow gold as Venom pushed through. Lore gasped a bit at that and put her hand over her mouth. "Take it easy." Isadora said. "Y-Y-You aren't supposed to be real." Lore said and I nodded at that.

"But I am real Lore, ok so just stay calm. I'm not lying to you, I am a werewolf as you saw. Venom is my wolf, he lives in me." I told Lore. 'More of share a body, I wonder if she wants me to come out. She really does like me quite a lot.' 'In wolf form.'

Venom frowned. "Venom is part of you?" Lore asked. "Yeah, this human body is mine and the wolf one is his, but we share them." I told Lore who was staring off. "This is crazy." Lore said and I simply gave her a weak smile.

"I know but it's real. I promise you." I told her. Lore bit her lip. "Oh my god, I'm dating a werewolf." Lore said covering her mouth. 'Of course this is the next thing to come. Seems to be we now deal with the whole 'Holy shit I'm dating a werewolf!' phase that is going on.'

I smiled. "Yeah your dating a werewolf, but you mean a bit more to me than being just a girlfriend. Something that would take some time to explain." I said biting my lip. Explaining this would defiantly be a complicated thing to do no doubt.

'Explaining the whole mate concept to a human is never an easy thing to do. They don't typically understand the whole mate concept.' "What do you mean I mean more to you than a typical girlfriend, your really confusing me." Lore said and I looked at Isadora.

'Tell her it's the fair thing to do.' Isadora said through mind-link and I smiled at that. "This is going to be a long complicated story so sit tight, there is a lot about the werewolf world. . . the supernatural world that I am going to have to tell you about if you want to survive." I told her.

Lore gulped at that unsure if I was threatening her. "Ok tell me." And with that we began to talk.

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