Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

"Okay that was the absolute best concert ever!!!" I screamed as we entered there room. We had just gotten back from concert which was AMAZAYN!! Yeah thats right zayn is my favorite:) get over it people!! And plus Kate and ash had to hear me talk about him all the way there and back.

But of course they had to complain.

Which totally made no sense because Kate did the same thing about Harry.

Oh!!! And did I mention those stupid girls in front of us held up the huge signs they brought half the time??? For god's sake!! We were practically a mile away from them so high up in the stands. We couldn't see the guys with those giant freakin signs in front of us, and the guys definetly couldn't see them since we were so far away do I don't know what the heck was going on in those idiotic girl brains of theirs.

ANYWAYS! When we were all getting ready to go to bed and comfortable, I suggested the wonderful idea of making some prank calls. I know I'm a genius lol.

"who are we gonna call?" ash asked.

Ok she's stupid. And by the looks of it Kate was thinking the same thing.

"KENNY!" we both screamed at Ashley like complete idiots.

Kenny is Kate's older brother and Ashley's younger one. He was at his friends house for the weekend because I was here. Ha, in yo face sucka!! But just to let ya know, I don't particularly like him. Wanna know why? Too bad I'm not saying.

"okay guys shhhhh" as Ashley dialed his number. Gotta love *67 baby!

We all got quiet as we listened to the phone ring.

"hello, this is the strip club down the road. How many strippers do you want?" an adult man's voice answered.

Oh crap.

"Ashley! Hang up!" I whispered/shouted at her.

"2" ashley replied into the phone.


"pick up or delivery?" the man said.

"delivery" Ashley stated.

Aghh. I was so not a part of this.

"okay, what's your address?"

Okay, Ashley you better stop here or I am getting my butt out of here.

"..." wow ash was finally silent.

"are you prank calling me?? Because I will have to hang up now if that is so" the man stated.

Before we could even respond another voice came onto the phone which we all recognized as Kenny's.

Phew. I almost had a heart attack there.

"is this emily and country??" that was his ex-girlfriend and her best friend.

Why did he think there was 2 people on the phone?? Because Kate couldn't stop laughing all the way through the whole phone call.

"yes" Ashley replied with a look on her face pretty much saying 'what the heck am I doing'

Yeah. I was wondering the same thing.

Before Kenny could even answer her. She blurted out "no you idiot and it's Ashley, kaitlyn, and Courtney!!"

That's when the line went dead. Lol

So after that we finally went to bed because there was nothing left to do. I was in Ashley's bed while Ashley was sleeping on Kenny's mattress that she had dragged in from his room, on the floor. While Kate, well kate was in her own bed of course.

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