Chapter 02

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Seth paced around his bedroom at his home, throwing things and swearing at the top of his lungs. Late into the night, he knew the family was asleep. Besides, knowing that he had died four years ago but kept his stuff, it was as if he had never left.

"How are they always so strong?" he kept asking. He looked at his scythe on the bed and remembered how the woman from the last night changed her weapon's appearance. Not just that, but she healed almost instantly. What did The Order have that was different to Seth? Weren't all reapers the same? 

In the four years that Seth had been dead, he'd learned quite a lot about death and what the afterlife was about. That very night of his death, he lingered around his corpse. The voice of the man was the same voice as Kuro from the night before. A member of The Order. 
Seth was found by a different reaper that night of his demise. A man named Meshaylen who was kind enough to answer each and every question that Seth had. 
Had it not been for Meshaylen, Seth wouldn't be here today. Upon simply explaining what death was and what the rest of the many years would be like, he was also the one to teach Seth about the use of a scythe and basic fighting. 
Of course, Seth eventually got a grasp of it all and Meshaylen left him to discover new things. 
The world was interesting viewing it from a point of view of not being alive, being able to phase into material form and still capable of interacting with the world. 

Seth sure had his fun with winning fights and travelling the world. But alas, something kept calling him back to the city. 
"It's still possible to live the life you wanted," Seth remembered Meshaylen telling him. But the best way to do it was to able to make a living and find other reapers to be friends.

Still glaring at his scythe, Seth remembered Meshaylen taking him to some warehouse near the harbour where a gang of reapers who posed as fishermen dealt scythes. For the weeks that followed, Seth was taught the duties of a reaper.
"We are the arbiters of life and death," Meshaylen would explain, "However, this duty is a choice for you to have. Unlike the reapers you'll see in your everyday life, you are what is known as a wanderer. It's best you always maintain a low profile as posing as a reaper from the Underworld may result in your death."
That being said, Seth was told to never reveal his presence to his family. He should accept to just being dead as it would help with the balance of things.

Seth sat on his bed and remembered the first life he took. There was an accident on a highway involving one car with a mother and her children who were cut off by another car, causing them to swerve out of control at high speed and crash. All three lost their lives and the driver got off scotfree. Meshaylen and Seth arrived on the scene and Seth experienced death before his very eyes, besides his own. The one child was in suffering, still hanging on and choking on their blood. Meshaylen offered to take the child's life as Seth was not yet ready. He watched as he put his own scythe by the child's neck, and the blade went through the neck, not physically touching it. With a gentle pull, the child's soul was pulled out of the body which stopped choking and was still. The others were simply stuck in their dead bodies and Seth copied the movement that Meshaylen did and pulled both souls out. Soon enough, reapers appeared - the qualified ones from the Underworld - and the differences between them and Seth were huge. First differences were the cloaks.
Meshaylen and Seth hid nearby as they watched the reapers send the souls to their designated locations. The rest was left to the humans to clean up the scene and move the bodies.
Seth had questioned why then the reaper that reaped his soul out did not send him to either Heaven or Hell, or the Underworld. For years he wondered why and when his time would come and his only answer was to approach Kuro who was there that night. 
But as time went by, Seth travelled alone and discovered more about his new life - eventually getting into fights with other souls and running from reapers. Without Meshaylen's guidance, he would study other reapers in battle and copy their movements, eventually, he would come to develop a great fighting sense. 

Seth wondered if he would ever see Meshaylen again. Seth had gained enough of a reputation and Meshaylen asked that Seth allow him to stay out of his district so as to keep his low profile. Seth understood and was grateful to him. He could respect his wishes enough to keep his distance. But the time for answers was nigh, and Seth contemplated a few things as he lay on his bed.

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