Chapter 44

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Firmly grasping his mate's backside, he lifted her with ease into his lap. Riding her dress up, his hands instantly went to the lacy thong. In that moment, he couldn't even bring himself to say anything. Just the feeling of having her with him, in the most intimate way possible, was enough. 

Feeling Ezekiel's hardened length pressing against her inner thigh, she started grinding, ever so slowly, against him. Hands in his hair, she started to move a little faster, making him grunt. "Someone's eager," she taunted. 

As though in response to her teasing, Aylin jumped a little feeling an intrusion down below. "Think you can tease me, and get away with it?" Inserting his finger all the way in, she let out a squeal. "Good girl. Now, ride it until I tell you."

A shiver a pleasure went down her spine hearing Ezekiel being so forceful. It wasn't anything like the first few times they made love. This was raw, animalistic. He was taking what he wanted, and there was no room for dispute.

Ezekiel couldn't decide which was the bigger turn-on. Seeing the sheer looks of ecstasy, the loud moans coming from her mouth, or how she would repeatedly say his name. Turning up the heat, he pushed a little farther in, finding her sweet spot. 

"Ah! God! Zeke, not there! I don't want to yet!" she moaned. "I want it to be when you're inside me!"

"Just once, for me, baby. Then you can have me all you want." 

Digging her nails into his shoulders, Ezekiel could feel Aylin tighten around his finger. "Oh, God! Ah!" Coming down off the high, she pressed her forehead against his, panting. "I never knew you could do that." 

"Amazing what you can do when you want your woman to feel good." 

Pressing their lips together, they kissed with an urgency never felt before. While they were fervently massaging each others tongues, Aylin reached down, unclipping Ezekiel's belt. Grinding against him again, his hands latched onto her hair, pulling it slightly. 

Detaching his hands, Ezekiel's finger traced the zipper of the dress. Pulling it down, he whipped it over he head, discarding it somewhere in the room.  Feeling rather impatient, he ripped her bra down the center, releasing her breasts from their confinement. Hands impatient, she was popping the buttons on his shirt, exposing his rock, hard chest. 

"Sit up on your knees, baby," he groaned. Doing as she's told, her lips captured his, never letting go. Dragging her nails down his chest, Ezekiel tensed even more. Roughly grabbing her hips, he pushed her back down onto himself. "Ugh, fuck!" 

Holding him tightly, Aylin could feel everything. "Harder, please," she begged. 

Obliging, Ezekiel slammed harder, making their voices ring out in unison. Latching onto her hair with one hand, he pulled it slightly to the side, attaching his lips to her mark. The erotic sound of her voice only intensified, and he could feel every part of her quiver. 

"I-I can feel it, Zeke," Aylin moaned, her hot breath against his neck. 

Slowing his pace, she groaned. "Look at me, Aylin." Bringing her head up, their eyes met, and in that moment, he started his harsh pace again, never once letting her eyes waver. Slowing again, he could feel himself start to unravel, and Aylin, as well. Hitting the peak, his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Grunting harshly, his climax was fueled by hers. 

Falling backward, Ezekiel cradled her head while rubbing her back. Their pants filled the room as they came down off their high. That was the most intense love making either of them had ever experienced. It seemed like a whole new experience. 

Perhaps it wasn't the best timing for something of that magnitude, but Ezekiel didn't regret a second of it. It was exactly what they needed to clear their minds, if only for a moment. Looking down at his mate, who felt it. Propping her chin on his chest, she smiled at him. 

Rolling off him, Aylin cuddled close, running her fingers over the stubble on his cheek. "Thank you," she whispered. 

"For what?" 

"Loving me." 

Without another word, he curled his arms around her, tangling his fingers in her hair. Under no circumstances, did he feel like letting her go until it was absolutely necessary. Remembering what they were going to deal with in the future, he made a silent vow never to allow harm to come to her. This small declaration of war was aimed at Zagan, the demon who tried so desperately, already, to shake their bond. 


Morning light came, and Aylin found herself in a tangle of limbs under the covers. There was a heavy weight draped across her legs, only to realize that it was Ezekiel's leg, weighing her down. Chuckling slightly, her finger started tracing patterns of the muscles of his chest. Without warning, a large hand squeezed her backside, and she yelped. 

"That tickles," a sleepy king said. 

"Sorry." She wasn't really sorry, or anything of the sort. It felt nice to get a rise out of him, even if it was a small one. "We should get up, you know." 

"Ugh, do I have to?"

"Really?" she asked, deadpan. 

"Alright, alright," he conceded. "Let's get up." 

Rolling out of bed, Aylin was about to roll the opposite way, when large hands threw her over his shoulder. "Uhh, what are you doing?" 

"We're going to shower, of course." His tone was slightly seductive, with a hint of mischief. 

"Oh for the love of...." 


Daemon hadn't gotten a wink of sleep that night. Everything was crumbling around him, and he couldn't make sense of it. Someone who he was supposed to trust, and love, betrayed him in the worst imaginable way. The one person who already did love him, and trust him, was no longer his. Years of lies being whispered into his ears had finally come to a head. Now, he had nothing. Karmic punishment from the Moon Goddess herself. 

Steeling his resolve, there was only one thing left he could do. One last good deed that would make him feel like his life had worth. He wouldn't be able to erase his mistakes, but he would be able to say that before he died, he did something worthwhile. 

Meeting up with his men, they headed for the throne room. Bumping into the Beta, he informed them that the King and Queen were in the main dining hall. 

Changing course, he walked in. 

"Good morning, Alpha," the King said. 

"Your Majestys," he bowed. 

Aylin was confused at his sudden formality. He hadn't even been so the day before in the throne room. "Something on your mind?" 

Looking the King dead in the eyes, he spoke. "I would like the opportunity to fight along side you in the battle with the demons." The two royals shared a glance, then looked back to the determined alpha. "I know neither of you think that highly of me; after all the things that've happened, I deserve that. But I will fight, until my dying breath, to save the Queen." 

"And if you die, what of your pack?" the King countered. 

Truthfully, Daemon hadn't thought that far ahead yet. He could come to only one conclusion. "I'll be sending away my pack members. My beta will take charge of the Dark Moon pack, if something happens to me." 

Visibly startled, David took a step. "Daemon, think about this, first." 

Turning to face his men, they were all distraught. "I want you all to go back to the Dark Moon Pack. Let them know what's taking place. Once this is all over, someone will send word." Placing his hands on David's shoulders, "If it's the worst, I leave the pack to you. Do better than I did." 

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