Chapter 21

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"No, Wells. Do it right," Alice's childish voice roamed through the Griffin living room. In the living room sat three six-year-olds who tried to draw one another. It didn't go well, to say the least. No, Wells was tasked to draw Alice, Alice tasked to draw Clarke and Clarke tasked to draw Wells. So far, Wells' drawing looked like something he drew with his toes. It looked more like an elephant than a girl.
"I'm trying. You're the one who's hard to draw," Wells defended himself, making Clarke and Alice send evil glares in his direction. They then continued to draw in complete silence.

Alice certainly didn't expect things to the way they did. She certainly didn't expect to meet her first boyfriend on her way to her father's office. Nevertheless, that's how things happened.
A 14-year-old Alice was practically skipping down the hallways, on her way to her father. It had been a tradition for them to spend every Wednesday afternoon together at his office, doing various father-daughter activities.
As Alice was mindlessly making her way down the hallway, as suddenly, she fell to the ground. Wondering what just happened, she looked up to see a tall stature looking down at her. He extended a hand, helping her up. Alice couldn't help but study his features. He was tall, yes, but so much more. His jaw was sharp, his eyes a deep brown and his hair red. As he helped her up, she didn't fail to notice his strength, his muscles.
He was so much more than just tall. He was charismatic, charming, funny. She didn't even care that he was almost 18. All of these things, she noticed. Not the smirk behind every smile, not the rebellious side, border-lining on illegal, not the hidden meaning behind every word.

Despite everyone's warnings about him. She went on to be with him. Despite her father's protests, despite him forbidding it. She didn't care. She only wanted him. Everyone around her could notice the difference. The way she started acting. Sure, she had a rebellious streak before, but now, it was far more than just a streak.
"Hey, Alice," Clarke whispered in her ear, making her jolt awake. They were in the middle of class, Alice having drifted off to sleep. Alice groaned lightly, before adjusting her in her seat.
"What?" She asked groggily and slightly annoyed. She looked over her shoulder, meeting Clarke's judgmental eye.
"You were with him again, weren't you?" She asked, clearly not happy about her best friend. Alice only shrugged her shoulders. "He's not good for you." Alice rolled her eyes, before scoffing.
"And how do you know that? You don't even know him," Alice said, still rolling her eyes. Clarke's slightly shook her head.
"I don't need to. I know OF him," she said, once again earning a scoff from Alice.
"And why would you care?" Alice then asked her. Clarke looked baffled, never in her entire life had Alice spoken to her that way. Never before had she judged Clarke, never had she been less than her best friend.
"Because I'm your best friend. Of course I care about you. I'm seriously worried. Wells is too." Clarke begged her friend to see reason, but as any 14-year-old thinking she was in love, she didn't listen to Clarke's silent pleas.

"I'm so happy we can still do this," Clarke said, smiling at her two best friends. Sure, they had had their ups and downs, but this was definitely one of their ups. Her, Wells and Alice were all gathered in the Griffin living room, gathered before the TV. It had been an annual tradition between the three of them. Each year, they would gather to see some old movie The Ark had stored over the last 150 years. Though the teens could hardly relate to the teenage problems of that time, they still thought most of the movies worth watching again.
"Of course we can still do it. Nothing has changed since last time," Alice exclaimed. How wrong she was. Everything had changed. Last time they had held their annual movie night, Alice hadn't met her boyfriend, hadn't been corrupted yet. But that night was not a night to wonder what could've happened, had Alice not met him. No, that night was meant for the three best friends. And it was. It was an amazing evening, just as the rest of them had been.

To say the Skybox was boring was an understatement. Time seemed to die down in there. Everything and everyone seemed to die down in there. All one could do, was wait until they turned 18. Wait until they could finally be put out of their misery.
It seemed as if every kid on the entire Ark had joined the dark side, deciding to commit a crime. For the first time in two years, Alice had to share a cell with someone. Had to share her life with someone. Her silence with someone. She hoped her new roommate was a quiet one. Or at least a respectful one. However her new roommate didn't exactly live up to her expectations.
As the cell door opened, two guards along with her new roommate walked in. Alice hardly even looked at her new roommate, before deciding to not like her. It wasn't her brown hair, fair skin and her green eyes. No, it was the fact that this girl looked as if she was seeing the world for the first time. As if she had been locked away for her entire life, only to end up in the Skybox.
The first couple of days, the two girls hardly spoke to each other. They were merely getting used to each other's presence, getting used to not being alone all the time.
After a few more days, the girls started making small talk. Started learning more about each other. Names, ages, families. Nothing too deep. No the deep stuff came nearly a month later. But again, nothing Alice Kane and Octavia Blake couldn't handle.

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