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Four days later

Ellen’s POV

“What did your parents say?” Louis’ voice startles me as I look out the window of the apartment, I didn’t even hear him enter, too caught up in my thoughts and going over the convocation I had had with my parents not even an hour ago, I wipe my tears away quickly before he takes notice of them.

“Ah.” I turn to look at him, his expression changing as he catches site of me, “Im going back to Australia, Louis.”

“What?” His lips are parted as he looks at me, his eyes seem to have lost their sparkle, I swallow the lump in my throat.

“My parents want me to go home, they don’t want me to be here on my own any longer.” Another tear is lost from my face as I wipe it, Louis wraps his arms around me, mine going around his neck as I bury my face in his neck, he hushes my crying, rubbing my back soothingly, “Im so sorry, Louis.” I cry, his soft lips puckering against my check.

“Shh, it’s alright baby.” his gestures calm me slightly, “how long until they want you back?” I sigh.

“Two weeks.” His grip tightens on me, my eyes squeezing shut tightly as I fist the fabric of his shirt.

“We will stay in contact, and when you can you can come back.” he whispers and I nod, “What about school?” I shrug.

“I guess im just leaving it.”

“Look at me.” he says, my face being cupped and guided from his shoulder, my head tipped back slightly as his eyes scanned my face, sniffles are heard from me as he dry’s my face, his thumb gliding under my eye. “Don’t worry.” He whispered, “It will feel like no time has passed until your back with me, we can video chat all the time and massage one another, it will be as if were both still with one another, okay?” I nod; a tight smile spread on my lips, my face stays cupped in his hands as he leans down and presses a kiss to my lips.

Next day

I woke up, Louis’ arms around my body tightly, I sigh knowing I have to have my stuff at the postage place in three days to have it back at my house a few days after get there, making my go without clothes for a few days back home. Louis was really calm yesterday when I told him the news, he told me he would help my pack and once all my stuff is done we would get his stuff back to his mums, I don’t want to leave and I know my parents don’t really have the authority to make me go back to Australia, I am eighteen after all but they are also my parents and I don’t exactly want to disobey them and in no time I will be back here and with Louis. I explained to them I we were going to abort it but they still want me to go back, telling me it was an irresponsible thing to let happen, to be honest I don’t know how it happen, Louis wears condoms ninety five percent of the time and a hundred percent of the time im on the pill. Louis stirs beside me before settling again, both the cats behind me so I can’t exactly lie back, not that I want to, im going to stay cradled in Louis’ arms for as long as I can.


There will be a sequel, I don’t know when, but the link will be posted as an update to this story.

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