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Ellen’s POV

We both lie on our backs, I giggle when Louis repeats my movements of wriggling his toes under the doona, I had no idea how long we had been in bed talking until there was a knock at the door and I noticed the day had turned to night, I hold bandit in my arms, stopping him from bolting out the door as I answer it.

“Hi.” I smile as Liam stands on the other side.

“Hi, ah sorry to disturbed you, your mail was put in my box.” I look between us where he is holding out a few envelopes, I smile.

“Thanks.” I grip them and he scratches Bandits neck, “I’ll see you later.” He nods.

“See ya.” The door is quietly closed and Bandit is placed on the floor while I make my way to the island and take a seat on a stool, opening the letters, it was all just crap, I toss it in the bin before taking a seat on the lounge beside Louis, my legs laying over his lap and I cuddle into his side, an arm wrapping around my body.

35 days later (month and five days)

I had gotten back from school twenty minutes ago, standing at the vanity in the main rooms bathroom, the door locked preventing Louis from entering if he unexpectedly arrives back from school. My fingers gripping the counter top as I look down at three small tests, waiting and waiting for them to be finished, when I look up at the mirror I feel like I shouldn’t recognise myself, my skin pale, eyes dark, I feel as though I’m missing the normal three colours. I check the time on my phone for what feels like the hundredth time, the tests should have been finished minutes ago I just don’t want to see the result they all showed me, all coming up positive. I had put the idea of me being pregnant to the back of my mind, even though my period is five days late, now I know im not going to be getting I for a while, the three different tests are taken in my fist along with the three empty boxes and I unlock the bathroom door and exit quickly, their dropped into the bin and I tie the only half full bag up, gripping my keys and heading out the door, I’m in the elevator and out on the street in a matter of seconds, the bag disposed in a bin on the foot path. I lean against a wall a few buildings down, my fingers running though my hair as my flushed body cools with the cold London breeze, I let a long sigh fall from my lips before I start wondering back towards the building entering the elevator and then my apartment on the top floor, seeing Liam’s apartment door close makes me wonder if Louis is back, the key is hesitantly placed in the door and twisted, before removed as I reach for the handle, Louis stands at the island bench, bag on top as he fiddles though it, we smile at one another but I know mine isn’t to the full extant his was.

“You feeling okay?” he asks and I grip the bottle of milk from the fridge, pouring myself a glass as I nod and place the best smile I can manage on my lips.

“Fine.” The milk is placed back in the fridge as I gip the glass and take a long sip, he doesn’t look convinced as he studies me for a moment, I place the now empty glass in the sink and make my way down the few steps and over to the lounge, plopping down as turning on the TV.

“Do you have work?” Louis asked and I nod, I don’t know whether im going to go, I don’t exactly want to.

“I think im going to call in sick.”

“Which brings be back to my first question, are you feeling okay?”

“Not exactly, a little overwhelmed.”

“Why? Is it the school?” I shake my head, his concern is evident as he takes a seat beside me, my hand taken in his as he gently stoked my knuckles with his thumb, my eyes drift to the place we are connected, thinking there is a small not even close to person inside of me right now belonging to Louis and myself and makes me feel slightly sick. “Are you going to tell me or do I have to guess?” I meet his eye contact and I feel like I need to cry, my heart pounding fast in my chest as I look at his worry, the worry and care he has for me, the things that comforts me more then I think they should, I shake my head slowly, taking a glance at our hands, his thumb still soothingly running over my skin.

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