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Two days later

Ellen’s POV

I lie in bed, I had gone to school this morning and been assigned a book to read by Friday when I have that class next, the book is in my hands, floating above my head as I look up at it, Louis would be back from school in less than two hours and im sure we will just be spending the night in.

I don’t hear Louis as he enters the apartment, his hands gripping my body as he crawls up the bed, the book being set aside as he lies to my side, his lips connected to mine in a gently kiss. “How was your day?” I mumbled against his lips and he pulls away trailing kisses across my cheek and sucking lightly on my jaw.

“Fine, yours?”

“Good I guess.” My fingers tangle in his hair, my head falling back slightly, I grip his wrist when it hand trails down my stomach and his finger dip into the waistband of my jeans, I pull it away and intertwine our fingers, “You cant.” I say as I press a kiss to the skin.

“And why not?” he asked and I take him by surprise flipping us so im on top of him, my legs either side of his hips as I press a kiss to his lips.

“Cause im on my period.” I don’t look up at him, just suck and nibble at his jaw line, Louis’ eyebrows drew together in a frown as he intently watched me shuffle down the length of his body. His shirt is lifted slightly and I pressed a kiss to the small trail of hair that disappeared into the briefs that were visible above his jeans. My nose ran along the band of his underwear as my fingers fumbled with his belt, I pried it open, popping the button and tugged the zipper down before pulling them open. With his help I was able to pull them down a little. I had a feeling my blue eyed lover knew exactly what I was doing, giving me a small smile to reassure my nervous gaze, I gently caught hold of the band to his briefs, stretching it away from his warm skin before cautiously slipping my fingers in, I watched his soft lips part, hooded eyes locked with mine. My touch gently curled around his penis, releasing it from the tight fabric confines, the blue of Louis’ pretty eyes were hidden from my view, body tensing, his underwear bunched up underneath before I hooked my fingers into the elastic on his smooth hips, tugging them down a little further.

A small gasp escaped my lips as I witnessed the twitch of the increasingly hard length resting on Louis stomach, my fingers grasping the ham of his shirt, pulling it up till he aided in removing it, throwing it on the floor to the side of the bed. My fingertips carefully traced up and down, coaxing soft sounds from the heart shape of Louis’ pink lips as he allowed me to express my curiosity, I watched in awe as blood rushed to his crotch, twitching again as I lightly teased the base with the tip of my warm tongue, the length becoming thicker, harder, heavier, my thumb slowly brushed over the head, Louis’ hips shifting. My mind quickly drew back to the knowledge of what Louis desired, how he liked to be touched, I cupped his balls in my palm, squeezing gentling as I went in search of the sensitive spot I recalled from the few times I had been in this position. Seconds later, a throaty groan was released above me, it brought a smile to my lips, carefully digging my fingers into the area again, my other hand was occupied in providing light touches to the pink head of Louis’ throbbing erection, I had never seen him so restless, unable to string together a coherent sentence. His hands were curled up in tight fists by his sides; it startled me as Louis’ now rough, laboured voice rang around the room.

“Don’t tease me.” He harshly spoke, gazing at him now, sprawled out and at my mercy; the sight brought a smile to my lips, I was in control, I liked it. “Ellen.” He was desperate, raising his hips slightly. I let go of him, my palms pressing to his v lines and forcefully pushing him back down to the mattress, Louis looked angry, his jaw tensing in frustration as I denied him. He shifted under me, my touch catching his wrist before he could take matters in his own hands, a spark of excitement rushed through me at the thought of witnessing Louis pleasure himself. I couldn’t deny that there was a small part of me that desired to leave him to it, watch as he coaxed at his own messy orgasm, but I wouldn’t let him.

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