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Louis’ POV

I had lost Ellen an hour ago, the alcohol she had consumed in the few hours we had been here causing her to have a hyperactive rush and she was gone, off dancing while the boys and I sat at a table under a tree laced with fairy lights, it was a nice evening, the weather wasn’t cold, thankfully, I’m sure Harry was occupying the girl he met only hours ago while the boys and I talk mostly about work.

“Found your girlfriend.” Niall says looking past me; I turn in my chair to see Ellen off to the side of the dance floor sitting in a chair with her head back looking at the sky, a bottle of alcohol in her hand as she raises it to and from her lips.

“I’ll talk to you guys later.” I say and get up from the table, heading towards the girl in the chair, I grip her shoulders and look down at her from behind, a goofy drunken smile spreads on her lips as she looks up at me, “Where have you been?” I ask and she fly’s up from her chair turning and looking at me.

“Dance with me.” she says before moving around the chair and gripping my hand, the force she has in her drunken state surprises me but I hold my position and pull her to me.

“Let’s go find somewhere to sit.” I tell her and start to walk with my arm around her waist, she complies and I curiously guide her down the steps and towards a spear vine chair, we both sit back, her body leaning into mine as she still sips on her drink, I watch as her head turns to the side observing a few people in the other direction before her head lies back on my shoulder.

“If this is a lesbian party why is there a really hot DJ?” I look down at her but she doesn’t realise what she had said.

“Hot?” I ask and I feel her nod.

“Yeah, and he doesn’t have a top on and his body is really sexy.” I laugh slightly.

“I don’t know why there is a man without a shirt on being the DJ for a lesbian party, Ellen.” she sighs and I feel her head roll in the direction of the people again before she jolts forward, her body now facing me as she looks at me with wide eyes.

“Louis, there are to girls over there kissing.” She tells me before looking back towards the girls in the chair across the grass, I do the same, two girls in a chair just like the one we are sitting in, making out, a few groups of people standing in other places around the garden having their own privet chats but in Ellen’s drunken state the two girl interest her.

“That’s what people do when there in a relationship.” She looks back at me a cheeky smile on her lips.

“Im gonna go sit with them.” she tells me and before I can protest she is up and walking towards them, I stand and watch as she disturbs their moment and squishes between the two woman, her arms wrapped around both their shoulders as she says something, the woman look at her amused, I know she is saying something stupid because of the intoxicating alcohol in her blood and I make my way over to them, the two woman laughing as Ellen says something and I think it was at my expense, I stand in front of them and they all look towards me, Ellen’s eyes cloudy from the alcohol.

“Sorry lady’s but may I steal my girlfriend back?” I out stretch my hand to Ellen and she takes it, saying goodbye to the amused woman before I guide her back up the stairs to sit back at the table with the boys. As the boy’s speck to Ellen, she is interested in other things, my jacket slipped up her arms as she plays with the sleeves that hang over her hands, whenever they try and start a conversation with her we end up laughing, she has no idea what is going on at the moment. I told her no more alcohol and when she protested Liam went to feel an empty bottle with water, she hasn’t noticed yet that it isn’t giving her a buzz but I don’t care, I don’t want her doing something stupid in her drunken state.

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