Chapter 9

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Does your birth date lie on an Idol's birthday? If so, which Idol?


The next day I got up with a giddy feeling in my stomach. I was so nervous that I felt like I had an exam today but in fact today's significance was more heavier than any exam for me. Today was 17th November.

Today was her birthday.

Wishing her was always a big task for me. Thankfully I wasn't at home right now or it would have been more difficult for me. Unnie was always so displeased with me that she hardly liked any of my gifts. I picked up my phone from the side table. Okay Mirae, you can do it. Its not a big deal. Just say Happy Birthday.

Sometimes I wish we both could be like normal sisters. Best friends, Secret keepers, partners in crime and the most loyal confidante of each other. We would laugh and talk and joke about each other. We spend nights watching movies and braiding our hair. We would talk about boys. Alright, enough with the day dreaming.

To be honest, our relation had always been this hostile. My guess is that she liked being the only spoiled daughter. And she was for the first 6 years of her life. But then I interrupted her perfectly stable life. But by the time she started to accept me was when we both discovered how different we were. Our purposes, our idea of entertainment, our hobbies...just everything. She loved to party and I only knew to study. She started dating when she was 13 and I have never had a serious boyfriend. She had no plans for life and I was the exact opposite. And when our parents realized this, they started favoring me which eventually resulted in more distance between me and her. That's how we drifted away.

I looked around the empty room. I was actually an early bird but this much dreaded phone call made me want to sleep more. I sighed and dialed the number, still in bed. The line went on and on. I ended it. And this happened for the next three times I tried. Why the hell isn't she picking up? But I wasn't one to give up so I kept trying and finally she picked up the hundredth call. You could say, I was greeted very nicely.

"What the hell is your problem!??" She snarled. I rolled my eyes. Typical.

"Hello to you too." I replied.

"Why the hell do you keep calling again and again? I mean not picking up one or twice should have given you a hint!" She said aggressively. I decided to ignore her shower complaints.

"Happy Birthday, Unni. Did you get my gift? Has Mom given it to you yet?" I said expectantly. I had gifted her a pack of neon-colored nail polishes and a BB cream- just what she would have desired.

"What gift? Oh that. No I haven't opened it yet." She said, bored. I sighed.

"Do you have anything else to say?" She added.

"Excuse me?"

"I am busy." She explained as shortly as possible.

"But I...I mean can't you open it right now? I wanna know your rea-" I stuttered.

"No thanks. Didn't I say it already? I am busy." And with that call ended but the small ocean of tears hidden behind my eyes started flowing. I quickly wiped them away. This is unfair. She didn't even wish me this year. I am at least doing that. Crying over her is no use at at all. I, very reluctantly, lifted myself, changed into uniform and descended downstairs to the common room. Junmyun came over as soon as he spotted me.

"Good morning. Here you go." He said handing me a sandwich wrapped up in tissue paper. I was literally about to pass out with hunger and I was too lazy to go to the hall and get some breakfast. I looked around the common room to found the whole group. Baekhyun and Chanyeol with Yoori on his arm, were discussing something with serious expressions. Eunmi and her twin were gossiping with some seniors. Andrew was helping out Yumi with an assignment.

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