In A Relationship With Sehun of Exo

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I am a Grim Reaper.

I collect souls from people who's dying.

Then I did this one thing that made my life complicated.

I was punished to live on Earth and I have to collect souls and most especially, kill the white angel who's living there.

One night, I was busy chasing a criminal when I bumped into one guy.

His name isn't clear.

Then someone was about to kill him.

I had this urge to protect him. To keep him away from harm.

It was too late when I realized that I fell in love with this guy who's in love with someone else.

I decided to go up there ↑ and told our supervisor that I'm willing to give up everything just to be....

In a Relationship With Sehun of Exo.


Coming Soon.

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