Chapter 42

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Steadying her breathing, Aylin prepared herself for the entry of the Dark Moon Pack members. Stealing a glance at her mate, he looked as calm and composed as ever. His facial expression gave nothing away, and his aura was formidable. It was going to be difficult to mirror him, but she had to try her best. 

Back straight, Aylin's gaze was trained on the door. 

'Let me do the talking,' Ezekiel's voice said in her head. 

'Okay, I trust you.'

The instant those words left her mouth, the doors swung open led by Quill and Angus. In tow, were the Dark Moon Pack members. 

Showing their respect, the Beta and the Delta bowed before the King and Queen, taking their places behind them. 

"I don't expect you to kneel, if that's what you're thinking, Alpha Morris." 

"I'm glad there are no expectations here, Your Majesty." Glancing over to Aylin, Daemon clenched his fists for a moment. "I'm honored to see the Queen again." 

"Likewise," Aylin said, with a slight bow of her head. 

"Why did you call me here, Your Majesty?" 

"You know recently we've been having incidents with demons. Not long ago, one of them infiltrated the castle and attacked the Queen. Thankfully, she wasn't harmed. But I started asking myself why would this demon attack only her, and I also started asking myself what would have happened if you hadn't rejected her. Since we left your pack, has there been any more problems with demons?"

"No, they seemed to have moved on." Daemon was getting more and more irritated by the moment. He had no idea where the King was going.  

"And could you tell which way they headed?" 

"North--why are you asking?! Are you accusing me of something?!" 


The Beta stepped forward, handing the Alpha a photograph. 

"What is this?"

"Look at it." 

All the while this conversation took place, Aylin kept repeatedly peering at the Luna. Watching her reactions, gauging her body language. The longer it went on, the more agitated she became. Her eye was twitching, sweat was pouring off her. The exact reaction of a guilty party who committed a crime. 

"This is from the day of the attack, so what?" 

Getting off his throne, Ezekiel went toward the Alpha, earning growls from the members behind him. "Look closer. I didn't catch it at first either." 

Bringing it closer to his face, he shot a look to his Luna. "This--you--tell me what this is!?" 

'Be ready, Aylin. You should be the one to deal the blow.'

When Ophelia was silent, Aylin took the opportunity to stand. "For the Luna, this was revenge. That black mist you see in the picture is the demon Zagan, whispering in her ear. Along with myself, Your Luna also lost her parents. I'm guessing that when the timing was right, and she realized that we were mates, he managed to convince her to take you away from me. Little things. Subtle things. Telling you about a screw up. Or maybe even going as far as saying that the reason people were killed was because I was selfish and ran away. Thereby, convincing you, once you took the title, that I wasn't a worthy mate and deserved to be rejected. When really the only thing she ever wanted was revenge and power."

The entire time Aylin is speaking, tears are rolling down Daemon's cheeks. Utter shock and surprise across his face. "How could you?" 

The pathetic look on his face was enough to break Ophelia down. "I did it for us. For the pack. Name one good thing she had ever done there?! Because of her, I was left alone in this world. It was only natural to take something that she loved, leaving her alone too." 

As if on cue, all three, King, Beta and Delta all clenched their fists. 

"Newsflash, I'm not alone anymore. And I'm happier than you'll ever be. You may have driven me out, but you drove me somewhere that's made me happy. All you'll have is the broken bond left behind when your Alpha jails you." 

Eyes darting around, she started to pull on her hair. "No, he'll come for me. He'll save me. He promised he'd make everything better." 

"What's she on about?" Ezekiel asked. 

"I have no idea," Daemon responded. 

"Ophelia, did you make a deal with Zagan?" Aylin interjected on the two men talking. "Did he tell you to get rid of me, and give you whatever you wanted?" She came down the two steps coming closer to her. 

"Yes! Yes, he did! So what?! I got what I wanted and made you an outcast! But it's not enough! I'm going to erase you for good, you worthless bitch!" 

Moving forward toward the Queen, Daemon grabbed her by the neck, smashing her against the closest wall. "You are a liar and a traitor! Betrayed me, betrayed your pack, and you will suffer for your crimes!" 

Clawing at his hand, Ophelia begs for her life. "Can't you see? I did it for you, for the good of the pack. She's a demon and that's all she'll ever be. Don't you see that?" Mascara was running down the Luna's cheeks, staining them black. 

"All I see is some selfish little girl ruining the lives of those around her for her own self-satisfaction," he growled. 

A low threatening growl came from the King. "I'm only going to ask this once, where is he?"

Squeezing her throat tighter, Ophelia started to claw harder at his hand. "Answer him!" 

"I-I don't know," she wheezed out. 

"Morris, release her!" Ezekiel commands. Removing his hand, she desperately gasps for air, coughing violently. "Now, tell me, where is the demon hiding?" 

On her knees, she looks up at the King. "I swear, I don't know. He would always come to me." 

Ezekiel looked to the disgruntled Alpha. "It's up to you what we do with her." 

Completely turning his back on her, Daemon exited the room, not even sparing a glance. Watching him walk away, the Luna's face turned to despair, tears coming down her cheeks. She had been left alone, to her own devices. In the same way that she forced the pack to shun the one person she despised the most. 

Aylin looked to her mate, "I want to talk to him." 

Nodding, he motioned with his head for Quill to go with her. "I'll take care of this." 

'Don't put her in the cells, Zeke. We still need her.'

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