Chapter 16

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Mina's POV

I woke up finding myself tied to the chair. Fear surround me. My eyes were blindfolded, my hands and legs were both tied onto the chair. I was sleeping in a very uncomfortable position. I stuggled to release myself from the rope.

"Don't try..Just wait for you chaengie to come and save you okay??" I heard someone said

"W-who a-a-are you??L-let m-me g-go.." I pleaded

"You don't recognise my voice?? Well, I guess you only think about your chaeyoung now. " The person said again

I kept on thinking who would sound like him..


"P-p-please l-let me g-go Bambam...P-please let m-me go.." I begged as I starting crying


I continue crying as I heard him walked away.

'Chaeyoung, please save me..' I thought as I continue struggling.

Chaeyoung's POV

"Ringg ringg" my alarm rang

I have school today so I have to attend school before finding Mina although I was worried sick about her as Jihyo noona will kill me if she found out that I skipped school.

I went to school with a heavy heart, worrying about Mina. I wore all black because I wasn't in the mood.

I had my head down as I walked down the hallway of the school.

"Why is Chaeng oppa so down?"

"Why is Chaeyoung alone? Where's his girlfriend?"

"Her girlfriend probably cheated on him..HAHAHAHA.."

I clench my fist as I heard that comment. I ran towards that guy as I pinned him to the ground. I reward him with a few punched without saying anything.

"You will kill him chaeyoung ah.." Jeongyeon said as he held my fist

I stood up and dusted my shirt and I started to tear up thinking about what might had happen to Mina. I turned around and hugged him tightly.

"J-jeongyeon ah...I a-am s-scared..." I whispered in his ear

Jeongyeon calm me down as Tzuyu and Momo got rid of the crowd.

We walked to class after I calm down as I put on my cold side. I didn't smile the whole day because my happiness wasn't with me.

Lunch time

I was walking out of school because I don't have any afternoon class so I planned to find Mina. While I was walking, I heard some boys talking. So I hid behind a wall as I listen to what they were talking.

"Where is Bambam? Why is he not in school today?" The person who sound like Jinyoung said

"Heard that he was planning on kidnapping Mina..He probably succeded as Mina also didn't come to school." Mark said

"He is just trying to get his property. That bitch Chaeyoung snatch her away from him." Jackson said

I tool out my phone as I recorded their conversation for evidence. I continue listening to them until I got impatient since I was trying to get some clue on where he kept Mina. So I decided to confront them..

"HEY..WHERE IS MINA?" I kicked Jackson's and Jinyoung's d*** and pinned Mark onto the wall

"I SAID WHERE IS MINA? WHERE DID BAMBAM KEEP MINA?" I said as I saw jackson and Jinyoung getting up.

I turned around and gave them a punch on their stomach each and took hold of both their head as I bang them together, they got unconscious so I turned around. I turned around to see Mark trying to run free. I grabbed his collar.

"WHERE IS HIM?!!"I asked and gave him a hard punch.

"H-he i-i-is at xxxx...Please l-l-let m-me go.." He stuttered.

I pinned him down on the floor as I gave him hard punches on his face until he spit blood..

Mina's POV

I am so hungry and thirsty right now.

'Where are you chaengie?? I miss you?? Are you okay?? Are you gonna save me??' I thought

Suddenly, I heard someone walked towards me. He took off my blindfold. It was Bambam. He had a bottle of water in his hand.

"Want some??" He ask while shaking the bottle of water

I look at him as I nodded helplessly. He opened the bottle cap and raise the bottle above my head and started pouring without aiming into my mouth. He kept moving his hand so I couldn't get any watch.

I saw that there was one drop of water left in the bottle. I didn't even drink I drop since he kept on moving his hand. My whole face was basically wet because of the water. He sat down in front of me with a packet of rice.

"You wanna eat right?? Too bad..Its not for you.. Just wait for your lover to save you.." Bambam said with a smirk on his face.

He started to eat in from of me.. I just closed my eyes because I was too hungry..

'Chaeyoung ah...Come soon..I need you..chaeyoung ahh..' I said to myself.

Chaeyoung's POV

I know Mina is suffering now but I need help. I can't go myself because of my condition. I decided to go and find Mina tmr with my friend.

Although I really want to go save Mina myself, I couldn't. I contacted Momo's father since he know a little bit of this. I asked him for some guns just in case and some other stuff for protection. I hope Mina is find now although I know she's not.

'She must be suffering. I am such a bad Boyfriend...I shouldn't have let her go home herself..arghh....Mina, I will get you out of there soon..Wait for me' I said to myself as I drifted to sleep.

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