'You looked like a racoon the day I met you'

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There were people everywhere. They were all doing something. The aunties were mostly gossiping. The men were talking about politics. The older kids were trying to drink tea in peace, taking selfies and texting their friends. The children playing video games and breaking my mothers precious vases. One pair of treacherous kids were fighting with two steel pans. I smile, because that's how I would have improvised.

One of the children dragged me to play with them. Things happened quickly. I was blindfolded by one of the smaller brats, and they pleaded for me to join them. Even without looking, I can tell all eyes were on me.

Where is my mother when I need her? I could probably get out of this one with my mothers help; she would say it's dangerous for bride to play hide and seek blindfolded.

I put my arms out in front of me and searched for them, but unfortunately, they were all small children, I could never get them unless I was their height. That's why they wanted me to play. Those sneaky little rats!

I took a look at my options. The blindfold was too tight, so I can't cheat. My mother was nowhere to be found. And it was no harm anyways. So I decided to play.

I crouched to their level, and caught one of the smaller kids behind me, and I tickled her until she told me stop. I kept telling them that I was the 'tickle monster' out to get any naughty children. One of them even dared to ask if I was Santa. I told the kid, that I possibly couldn't hide any belly fat in this stupid saree I was wearing. When I bumped into something, the kids all giggled. I tried to decipher what it was, trying to make it move out of my way. When did we get a bookshelf?

"Hi," the person said.

It was Aniket.

I'm doomed. I squeak in embarrassment and turned the other way, only for the adults to laugh at my expense and the kids were running around, chanting "catch me, catch me!" I resumed to the game as if nothing happened. We played for what seemed like hours. Maybe I shouldn't have children this was tiring me out. Man, I need to hit the gym once in a while. I decide that after I get married, I would jog every morning, since I am up so early all the time.

The kids led me upstairs for some reason. I was pushed, then I heard the faint noise of the door closing and locking. I heard the older girls giggle. Oh god. Where am I? I pounded on the door, asking them to let me out. I decided to end the game by taking of the blindfold. The thing was too tight, but I managed to make some room for me to see.

I was in a empty room. Then a door opened, and I heard someone walk towards me.

It was once again Aniket. He was in his towel, wearing it too low for my liking. He noticed me in the room and smirked. Does he know that I can see? I pretended that I couldn't.

"Who's there? I swear, once I catch you, I'll tickle the heck out of you!"

I pounded on the door once again, if anyone found us here together, they might misunderstand the situation. Oh, god. I don't want to go through another round of teasing.

I turned back around. The guy was changing now. He still had his towel on, but his muscles chest was on display, and the tingling sensation in my body refused to go away. He started to button his shirt up, and began to untie the towel around his waist. If I pounded on the door, and the people opened it, they would see Aniket change and I would be in big trouble. If I turn around, he will know that I can see. So I just close my eyes, not wanting to look at my future husband that way. Why do I always get stuck in these situations?

I go around the room, pretending to catch the kids. "Are any of you even in here?"

"Stop pretending. I know you can see."

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