Candy Paint

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The small transport shuttle breached the dense atmosphere with turbulence comparable to a modern presidential candidacy.

Joon made smooth work of weaving that shuttle between jagged blue mountains. Snowcapped, scattered with barren black trees, these mountains converged at their base into what had once been a great river. Now it was an empty canyon.

"I always thought this was a foresty kinda moon," Joon commented in wonder

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"I always thought this was a foresty kinda moon," Joon commented in wonder. "Why's the surface look so green outside its atmosphere?"

"Is ignorance bliss?" Jin muttered, too loud to truly be to himself, from his awkwardly strapped in position in the back seat. Then the good doctor said in a louder tone, "It looks green from space because of the toxic levels of Pentogyn in the upper troposphere. Makes the air here toxic at higher altitudes."

Lilith was nodding from the copilot's seat. "And it's why we have air filter gear to use while we're here."

Lilith's eyes scanned the topographical map that flickered within the shuttle glass in front of her, thick green lines showing the different altitudes of terrain. "Looks like we're pretty close to the Library of Mirth already. Keep us going in this direction."

Joon continued to swerve the shuttle around a mountain's edge. He cleared his throat. "Uh... I think we've found it."

A side of blue mountain had been carved from the core of its peak, down, and smoothed flat into a perfect L-shape. Where the flat base and the smoothed innards of the mountain met, there was a carved open archway as ornate and unbelievable as any work of art Kim Namjoon had ever beheld, and larger than any stadium entrance that he could speak of. What he supposed was the entryway to the great library was, at the moment, concealed by the insurmountable remains of a rockslide. Blue boulders were stacked and scattered in the way of those elegant doors beyond.

"Land us out front," Lilith commanded. "Let's get a better look."

"Yes, captain."

There he goes again. Lilith nibbled at the inside of her left cheek and tried to concentrate a little harder on the scene below.

There he goes again. Jin's eyes turned to slits as he stared up at the ceiling. He began to unfasten himself from his seat.

Once landed, Lilith was the first to dash for the drawers that were storing small see-through face masks that suctioned to the face in perfect uniformity around the nose and mouth.

She secured hers expertly into place, then swerved and tossed a mask to Namjoon--who gave a soft, "Ga!" as the mask slipped through his fingers. He managed to scoop it awkwardly up before it hit the floor. He looked relieved.

Then Lilith threw a mask in Jin's direction, who had just shifted lazily to his feet. He didn't even bother trying to catch it. Jin stepped out of the trajectory of its path and watched the clear mask land comfortably in the seat he'd just been sitting in. Giving a satisfied nod, he plucked up the small mask and began strapping it on.

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