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Next morning

Ellen’s POV

Our bodies were cuddled under the doona, my toes wriggled as the hair on Louis’ legs tickled at my bare skin, his head was resting on my chest as I carefully combed through his tousled hair with my fingers. His arm was wrapped around my waist, softly snoring, I shifted slightly, Louis’ grip intensifying as he held me close, he looked so beautiful, his hair lighter, pink lips. I watched almost in awe as long eyelashes fluttered on his cheeks, drawing in a deep breath before settling to rest on my chest once more, his breathing levelling to a slow, steady pace, it calmed me. I had found him in this position a short while before as I woke, the pillows in disarray above and below the doona, instead he had subconsciously opted to use me, wrapping his limbs around my body. It wasn’t so much protective, but almost a little frightened, reminding me of a child clinging onto a loved one for comfort, the length of his legs were tangled with mine, fingers occasionally twitched, lightly fisting at the shirt adorning my upper half.

I was quite certain Louis’ slumbering position was in fear of me leaving, desperately holding on, but he needn’t have worried, there was no chance of me disappearing, the feelings I had developed for the stunning guy currently keeping me overly warm, were something I had never felt before, I had never been in a relationship before, never felt such a desire to be as close to someone before. I was unable to ponder over the thoughts racing through my mind for any longer, my attention was drawn back to Louis, he lightly mumbled my name, his warm hand sliding over the doona, seconds later I realised he was in search of my smaller one. I offer my touch to him, long fingers oddly intertwining with mine and encouraging it up to the hair tousled over his head, a heavy sigh fell from my mouth, my bottom lip taken between my teeth as I watched him settle once again.

My heart began to thump against my chest and I felt almost certain Louis could sense my increased pulse, his presence suddenly felt overbearing, weight pressing down on me, I couldn’t breathe. My fingers struggled to gently pry his arm from around my waist, attempting to wriggle out from under his larger frame, I found it difficult as Louis’ long limbs were heavy with sleep; he had quite literally tangled himself with me, the strength of his body still profoundly evident even in his weakened unconscious state. Frustrated mumbles could be heard as I tried to free my leg from between Louis’ thighs. The sounds grew louder as I resisted his arm which intended to drag me back to him. All the while, Louis’ sparkling blue eyes remained hidden from me, I pressed a kiss to his cheek, fingers running lightly through his hair, and the gesture seemed to calm him, allowing me to ease my leg out from between the strength of his thighs, the throaty moan that accompanied the action flushed heat to my body. My eyes widened slightly as my knee lightly brushed the growing hardness between Louis’ tensed legs, I ignored the images that sprung to my mind, my lover panting and glistening in sweat above me, my head shook, denying myself the indulgence of a glance under the covers; knowing the thick erection I have felt rather intensely, would be straining against the black fabric tightly hugging Louis’ lower half.

My absence was voiced in a strained whimper from Louis, his forehead creasing in a frown, eyes still remained shut, despite his displeased expression, Louis was still the most beautiful male I had ever seen, his restlessness continued until he shifted over slightly to the spot I was previously laid in. Long legs stretching out under the doona until his feet poked out the end, I couldn’t help but smile, his pink lips were parted as I placed a soft kiss to his cheek; my presence retreated, leaving Louis to grab the nearest pillow to entice closer into his bare chest.

My mind was on other things as I swiped the knife over the toast, spreading the butter, I didn’t hear or see Louis enter the main room, it startled me when his arms wrapped around my waist from behind. I smiled as he hummed in my ear, resting his chin on my shoulder; he tickled my neck with his lips leaving teasing kisses across my skin. “I don’t like waking up alone.” He mumbled.

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