Chapter 78

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Drogo pulled on my hand, whipping me up against his hard frame, his eyes burning on mine as his other hand shut the door. He instantly turned and pressed me up against the door, leaning over me with his wicked smirk. "Don't you dare, Drogo Bartholy," I hissed at him, my fangs descending, my eyes flashing red at him. "But it would be so fun, Sash," he teased. "If you rip this dress, I'll hold you down and drain you, leaving you alone in your room sleeping it off for the rest of the night," I glared at him, my eyes still red. His smirk deepened as he pressed me harder against the door, his face above mine. His hands went to my wrists, raising my arms above my head, as he leaned over me. His amber eyes were flaming as he looked at me.

He brought my wrists together and held them there with one hand. He bent forward and possessed my lips, slipping his tongue inside to play with mine, teasing me. One of his knees pressed through my dress, against my thighs, and slowly parted them under my skirt. His second knee slid along my thigh, forcing my thighs farther apart, as he settled in to press me against the door even tighter. His kisses traveled down the side of my face and jaw to my neck, at the same time that I felt his free hand start pulling up the layers of fabric on my dress. "You're mine, Little Thing, and no one, will ever take you away from me," he whispered in my ear. I was already heated from his touch and the flames were only spreading, as his skilled mouth tasted the flesh of my neck.

His hot tongue slid down my jaw, to my ear, continuing it's tantalizing journey downward, at the same time that his fingers started their journey up my thigh, underneath the skirt of my dress. He stoped to lick along my collar bone, sucking on me there, as his fingers drew their tingling path up my inner thigh. "Your dress may be safe, Little Thing, but these, are not," he whispered as his fingers found my lace underwear. His tongue slid down to the top curve of my breast to mouth me there. A swift jerk down below and my lace panties fell to the floor between my legs. I could hear the fabric of my dress bustling as he moved it to allow him more access, his knees holding my thighs open for him. His hot mouth moved over my exposed cleavage, while his hand wandered over my bare thighs under my dress. Groan, I was drowning in need of him.

I sucked in a breath, when his fingers danced over my entrance, taunting me. My chest rising and falling with my intensifying breathing, gave his mouth more to play with; more for his tongue to tease, as it dipped below the edges of the bodice of my dress. His fingers followed the natural crease of my thigh at the top of my leg, gliding down to slowly dip up inside of me. I gasped and pulled on my wrists but he held me in place, as he slid his fingers in as deep as they would go, making me moan. His fingers curled and danced inside of me, turning the heating coals into an absolute inferno. "Drogo," I moaned. His head came up to possess my mouth again, as his fingers plunged into me repeatedly, curling to hit me perfectly each time. "You're mine, Little Thing, and I'm going to make sure you know it, before I'm through with you," his husky voice breathed into my neck, his lips traveling back down.

He started kissing the curve of my breast again, as his thumb reached up to torture me, while his fingers repeatedly dipped inside of me. My head fell forward on a deep moan and then flopped against my arm that he held there, as the first blinding orgasm rolled out over my body that was pinned against the door. At the same time, Drogo bit down on the curve of my breast, making cry out with the pleasure of his bite there, by back arching off the door. Draw after draw he took, making me arch with each one, while his fingers started working me back up again. I could do nothing but pant and moan through it, until he withdrew from me, sitting up a little to look at me with his blood red eyes, my blood on his lower lip. My eyes felt heavy with pleasure and growing need as he looked at me, angling his head while he wore his smirk.

He suddenly released me but before I could even move, his hands had pushed my skirt up and his whole body disappeared under the folds of my skirt. My body jerked back against the door when he entered me with his tongue, my arms shot out to the sides to grip his door frame. I could feel his hands sliding up my legs, my thighs and back down to hook under my knees. He forced them to bend and spread me, pressing me back against the wall with his hold there, as his tongue dipped inside of me again; stroking and dipping. I cried out as he sucked on me, moaned as his tongue entered me, gasped as it flicked and teased, and finally I screamed as my head flew back on another white hot orgasm. He didn't stop his assault on my senses, until my legs buckled and I went almost limp in his hands.

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