Episode 9 Comment Challenge

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It's time for this week's comment challenge! Here's your task...

Write us a story (in 4 comments or less) about entering the solitract universe. Who do you meet there? And how do they attempt to make you stay?

Leave us a comment(s) and we'll feature a selection of stories on our profile. You're welcome to include the Doctor's friends, Graham, Ryan and Yaz in your stories but it's not essential.

Some thought starters:

- Who do you meet there?

- How do they attempt to make you stay?

- Do you decide to stay or leave?

Submit your stories by Friday 7th December at 11:59 GMT.

Episode 10 of the new series entitled 'The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos will air Sunday 9th December!

And if you missed 'It Takes You Away' or would like to watch it again, you can catch up with the current series On Demand at BBC iPlayer (UK) or BBC America (US). For other regions, visit www.doctorwho.tv/watch/ to find out where to catch up in your territory.

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