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"Okay I have a power I don't know how to control,but so do you" I said pointing at Jalen with an annoyed look on my face. "Well we can help each other and hopefully we'll master them" Jalen said giving me a reassuring look. I suddenly remembered kasey was here and turned to her. "So do you have another power other than fire" I ask trying to find more out about this girl. "If extreme flexibility and agility count then yes,yes I do.... Oh I almost forgot about my compulsion power" The girl said with a small smile on her face.

"I think we should find some kind of shelter before it gets to dark " Jalen says "If we're going back into town then we need to get new identities so the government won't notice us, like changing our hair and names and possibly getting contacts" I said shivering at the thought of putting something in my eye.

"So how did you guys meet anyways" I said looking at them questioning. "Well I walked through the woods after we fell into the water, and found her cooking some kind of animal, she spotted me and attacked, we fought for little more then when I finally pinned her I looked into her eyes and my gut told me She was one of us" Jalen said squinting as we walked into a shopping mall with little to no people in it.

"First off we need to get some clothes then we can work on our appearance" Jalen said walking into hot topic. When we entered the store we all went our separate ways to find clothes. About 20 minutes later we met up at tge cash register. "You guys look like you've been through hell" The bot working the cash register said look at all of us but mainly Jalen. I turned to my brother to find a heavy blush loading his cheeks. "you guys do have alot of clothes and shoes here, is this all" the boy said once he rung everything up. "That would be 210.93$ " The boy said looking up at us. "Your not gonna make us pay, are you" Kasey said like she was waiting for him to catch on to something, her eyes flashed red and the boy shook his head. "You don't have to pay, I got it" The boy said looking straight forward.

"That is awsome" Jalen said as we walked out of the mall and down the now dark street. "So what are we gonna do until we find the other 2 of us" I said kicking a small rock in my path. "Im gonna sign us up for school,then were all gonna get jobs theb when we have enough money we can start looking for the others. We walked to the biggest home that we knew of. "What are you doing" Jaleb said looking at kasey strangely. "Duhh getting us somewhere to sray thats not outside of falling apart" She said talking slowly like we might not understand.

A middle aged woman with blonde hair and dark green eyes opened the door. "Can I help you" She said seeming so nice. "Yes we are your niece and nephews and your going to let us stay here, yoy havent seen us since we were babies and our names are kasey,Jalen,and Ricky" kasey said as her eyes shone bright. The woman slowly nodded and stepped aside making room enough for us to get through. We walked into the sitting room and looked around this room alone was huge, it looked like a ball room, it had tan walls with dark brown furniture,there was a long connected couch going around a huge flat screen television hanging on the wall. "One of you boys can share a room with my son Kyle and there two more guest rooms.

We walked up the stairs and down the hall on our way down the hall I heard a song I remember slightly from before this mess happened, if I remember correctly the song is called fashionably late by falling in reverse.  I walked in the room and was stunned by the gorgeous pile of shirtless boy doing sit ups on the floor.  "h h hey  Im, Ricky your cousin" I said sticking my hand out to greet him. "Okey, um im Kyle, you can either sleep on the floor or in my bed with me" he said going into his walk in closet. I sat my bag by his room door and walked into his bathroom. I looked at my self in the mirror to make sure I didn't look like a giant ball of poor. "So how old are" I said before I turned around and saw him in nothing but boxer briefs that showed off a fairly large bulge in the front. I looked up at his face the everything went black.

Commet and like my pretties

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the next chapter is gonna be in Jalen's point of view.

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