The Power of Null & Preservation

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Flickers of gold light and dark shadows moved past my line of sight. I stared at my belt pouch. I didn't know if I would survive what I was about to do with Death, but I wanted Small Cap to have a chance.

"Hey, Sire, can you take care of Small Cap for me?" I raised my gaze to Brystagg; his hazy body—due to the trunk's gold light—moved towards me.

"I'll treat him well." He reassured me when he gently received Small Cap's sleeping body in his hands.

I sighed when he carefully placed him in his breast pocket. It was the first time I saw the high prince smile gently to another living creature.

"Okay, let's do this." I returned my focus back to the task at hand.

"While you were under with that man, I deduced the next course of actions," Death said and rephrased the analogy of playing a record on a gramophone.

"I'll be able to hold the events of this fate, but you need to revert all the changes and distruption to time."

I frowned, wondering how I was going to do that.

"We have to first set the labyrinth's point of origin back to a zero." Death frowned. He whacked my shoulders to make sure I wasn't zoning out, which made him wheeze for breath.

"I was listening. Return to zero, got it!" I grumbled, rubbing my fresh ache better.

"Famine, you're the only one with power to revert." Death's frown eased. His eyes fluttered, fighting to stay awake.

"Death, start the process."

"Wait. You need a fixed return point." Leinard's weak voice entered my mind. "Trix's mapglass."

"Colonel, I, you, please." My mind fumbled for words.

Leinard's eyes were fighting to stay open, so they could continue to see me.

I gulped and nodded. "Colin, pass me Trix's mapglass."

Colin carefully removed the monocle patch from Trix and handed it to me.

Gold light danced about the lens, casting fractured rainbow patterns on the silver-glass surface. Of course, dermaleeches.

I fitted the mapglass to my right eye and nearly stumbled out of the primary core trunk at the sudden disorientation I felt. So, this was the world that Trix saw within his right eye.

The Lotus Bridge inverted to a luminous blue-white light, running smoothly across the space. Every dust particle twinkled as blue-white or black starlight against blaring orange space. Near-blinding bluish lightening sliced through white clouds. Every movement transitioned extremely fast and smooth. It felt like life was moving a picture frame at a time.

"Eek!" I yelped at the sight of Death's face.

"What?" Death looked worried.

"You look like a demon," I commented.

I further explained on how I was able to see every line and dark shadowy patch of his skin like someone had picked up a paint brush and drawn thick black outlines all over his features. His eyes were the freakiest hellish orange.

"You know I don't look like this," Death complained. I noticed the aura around him flash bright red before calming to a muddled yellow.

I shook my head free from irrelevant thoughts and focused on what I wanted to see.

"How do I connect to this mapglass?" I asked aloud.

"Trix mentioned he entered a state of mushin in order to see all."

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