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Harry wakes up to the sound of Winter crying, he is about to get up but feels shuffling next to him.

"Go back to sleep, hazzy. I'll look after her," Louis says softly, and kisses Harry's cheek.

Harry smiles to himself, happy to not have to get out of bed so early, as he has been since she was born.

He closes his eyes, and hears Louis whispering to Winter.

"shh. Its okay, bubba," Louis whispers, softly.

After a while, Winter had calmed down. Louis smiles and places her back into the crib, kissing her gently on her forehead.

Louis walks back over to the bed, standing for a minute to look at Harry. He smiles fondly, his boy was just so beautiful, it made butterflies erupt in his stomach, but at the same time it made his heart clench. He nearly lost him, over a stupid act.

He sits carefully on the bed, the mattress bounces a little, but not enough to wake Harry.

He gets back under the covers, and faces his body to Harry. He swipes a curl carefully away from Harry's closed eye.

"You're so gorgeous..." he whispers. "I love you..."

Louis feels himself drifting back to sleep, he takes one last look at Harry before falling to sleep.

"Lou!" Harry whines, trying to wake him up.

"Yes, Hazzy?" Louis mumbles.

"Mums gone to work, Gemma isn't home, I've put Winter in mums room, let's have some fun!"

Louis smirks, and puts his hands on Harry's hips, as the Omega sits in a straddling position.

"Are you sure, baby?"

"Yes, of course. I've missed you, missed the way you fuck me..."

Harry surges down, kissing Louis, slotting their lips together, and working them at a slow pace.

Harry smiles into the kiss, and groans when Louis lays his hands gently on Harry's ass.

Louis gives it a small squeeze, and Harry let's out a squeak, "Please, more."

Louis rolls them over, and continues kissing Harry savouring the feeling.

"Missed. This. So. Much," the Alpha states between long pecks.

Harry hums, and wraps his legs around Louis' waist, bringing him closer.

Louis let's out a grunt when their shafts rub together. He slowly pulls away from Harry, and carefully peels both of their clothes off.

"What do you want me to do baby?"

Harry pants out, "anything. Just please be careful, I'm still sore."

Louis closes his eyes, and swallow thickly... He had forgotten somebody else had fucked his baby.

The Alpha let's out a puff of breath, "of course, baby."

He grabs a bottle of lube, and a condom, then makes his way down to Harry's hole.

"'m gonna eat you out, finger you open, then I'm gonna fuck you... How does that sound?" Louis says, looking up at Harry through his eyelashes.

Harry arches his back, practically begging to be touched. "sounds so good, Lou!"

Louis smirks, and presses a kiss gently on Harry's thigh, "I love you, my little Omega."

"I love you too, Alpha."

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