i hate you

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Jeongyeon POV's

"OK everyone listen" jihyo said
We gather around
"We will go to JPY's office"
"Why" we ask
"We will have a collaboration with other idol" she said
"OK" we reply

We arrived at JYP's office we knock
"Come in" JYP said he give us the name's of an idols there is one name caught my eye Park Jimin why his name is here then every thing come back to my mind

"Yahh Yoo kyungwan"jimin shout
He push me and I fell to the ground
" Do you think I will like you such a nerd"he said, they always bullying me he and her girl friend kang  sulgei
............end of flashback.............

We arrived at the dorm

Then my phone ring's I check who is calling its JYP "why he is calling in the middle of the night"

Jy:hello sunbaenim
JYP:Can you go to the park ?we need to talk about the collaboration
Jy:ohh yes I will go there
JYP:ok good

The call has been end I go to the park I was surprise wen I see who is with JYP it Park Jimin. 😱😱😱
JYP: I want you to collaborat with Park Jimin
Jy: wait!!!what!!!!????😱😱😱
JYP:Is there eny problem
Jy:No no no there is no problem
JYP:then well I will leave you now you can thalk now about your collaboration
Jy:OK thank you PDmin
JM: so we will be collaborat ha
JM:can I have your number
Jy: wait what!?!?!?
JM:yes so you can tell me where we will meet for tomorrow
Jy:ohhh yes

To be continue...

Author note: sorry for this lame chapter because its my first time to written a story I will try my best thank you hope you enjoy😊😊😊😊

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