I remember when I was little, I dreamed of meeting celebrities and seeing what it is like to be one. That was only a dream until I met Ross. Here is my story.

I woke up, combed my hair, put on jeans, my Aeropostale tee-shirt and my Converse sneakers. I walked down the steps to find my mom waiting for me at the door.

Ashley's Mom: Hi Ash are you ready for me to take you to school?

Ashley: I guess. (grabbed my book bag, cellphone and walked to the car)

Mom: So how do you like California?

Ashley: Okay, I guess. Not like Pennsylvania.

Mom: Sorry sweetie, but your dad got transferred out here.

Ashley: It's fine mom. Hopefully I can make some friends out here.

Mom: I know you will sweetie. Well here we are. Have fun.

Ashley: See you later mom.

~In school~

Mr. Jones: Ashley, I am so glad you joined our school.

Ashley: Thank you Mr. Jones. It was the only public school that wasn't filled.

Mr. Jones: Well we are glad that you chose us. Now let's find you a welcome buddy that can show you around. Ah, Ross Lynch. Would you mind helping our new student? She is in the same classes as you.

Ross: (stops talking to Riker) Sure, Mr. Jones. Hi I'm Ross and you are?

Ashley: I'm Ashley. I just moved here over the summer.

Ross: Cool. Well what do you want to see first?

Ashley: How about where my first class is?

Ross: (laughs) Sure Ashley. You have all the same classes as me so just stick with me.

Ashley: Thanks Ross. You're really nice.

Ross: Well thanks Ashley. Now first period we have Mrs. Kolby.

Ashley:(follows Ross into the class room and sits in the back of the room)

~First Period~

Mrs. Kolby: Hello class. Before we start I want to welcome a new student. Please welcome Ashley Usalis to our class.

Everyone turned around and looked at me. It was weird having all eyes on me instead of what the teacher was talking about.

Ashley:(writing a note) Hey Ross, what was up with the welcome? Nobody ever did that before. (passes the note to Ross)

Ross:(writing back) Ash, it's nothing. She is nice to everyone. Even me when I first came here. Oh, I wanted to ask you something. Do you want to hang out after school?

Ashley: (writing back) Sure. I'll text my mom at lunch that me and you are hanging out. So she doesn't come and get me.

Ross: (writing back) Awesome.

Bell Rings

Everyone clears out of the room and goes to lunch..


Ross: Hey Riker, Rocky, Ratliff and Rydel. There is someone I want you to meet. This is Ashley.

Ashley: Hi guys.

Riker: Well Ross, your welcome buddy is cooler than the last one.

Ross: Thanks Riker.

Rocky: I think you like her.

Ratliff:(joins in with Rocky) You like her.

Rydel: Hi Ashley. Don't mind Rocky and Ratliff their just mad because they don't have an awesome welcome buddy like Ross.

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