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It had been a week since Kaminari had talked to Sero or anyone in the bakusquad.

He received their messages, yes, but he never opened them.

His messaging app having over 25 notifications, even Bakugo tried talking to him. Probably only because of Kirishima though.

He would talk to them, but then he would have to talk to Sero as well, the person who puts him in piercing pain.

Kaminari knew not talking to him wouldn't work, it only made his case worse.

Not only did he cough up more petals at a time, he began coughing up full roses.


It was 5:24 pm

And Kaminari was sobbing into his pillow for the 12th time this week.

His nose began running as if he over used his quirk.

"I'm so pathetic."

Kaminari wiped away his tears, frowning, full of sorrow.

Why'd he have to fall in love with someome that was extremely straight?

He didn't know and he wished he didn't.




Have any of you spoken to Kami lately? I need to talk to him.


No, I've tried but he hasn't even opened my texts.




Its fine, its not your fault.


His throat sliced on the inside by grieving roses who came to bring him pain.

The petals reminded him that he was to be punished for his sins.

Dry coughs and agonizing breathing, wet pillows and tear stained cheeks.

His breath hitched as he breathed in, trying to calm himself down from crying.

Kaminari wiped away his stray tears, picking up his phone at last.

19 new messages

He opened each message one by one, starting with Kirishima's.


Saturday 2:45 pm

Hey!! What happened with you and Sero?

Monday 8:24 am

You awake yet??

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