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The bakusquad sat together at a lunch table, talking and eating their lunch. Everyone was there, besides one person, Kaminari.

Sero frowned, Kaminari stopped coming to lunch, instead he stayed in the classroom to "think".

The raven haired boy stood up and left the cafeteria without announcing where he was going to his friends.

He walked quickly to their classroom, forcefully opening the door to see Kaminari sitting at his desk, eyes puffy and red.


The blonde jumped slightly, looking at Sero.

"Oh he-"
Sero cut Kaminari off

"Why haven't you come to lunch yet?"

'That sounded more harsh then i wanted it to be.'
Sero cursed himself mentally.

"Sorry, I've just needed some time to my-"

"I've been worried about you, Denki."

Kaminari's face flushed, Sero has never called him by his first name.
It made him feel strange.

"You've been acting differently, and when i went to your house that one day, your bathroom was covered with damp petals."

He paused, looking into Kaminari's yellow eyes.

"Do you... Have a disease, called Hanahaki...?"

Kaminari's heart dropped, the world fell into slow motion. He never wished to have this conversation, what is he going to do? Tell him? Or make a lie that he has it for Jirou or something?

He couldn't get away with lying to Sero, he knew he just couldn't.

"Yes. I do."
He admitted, heart pounding in his ears, and palms getting sweaty.

"Who... Who caused it? You can tell me, I won't judge you on who it is."
Sero replied, walking over to Kaminari and sat down in the seat next to him.

The blonde tired to push out the words, but his body simply wouldn't let him speak.

'Why is this so difficult?'
He thought.

'All I have to do is tell him that he was the one who caused my pain and suffering over the past month.'

'Okay, nevermind.'

"The person is.. u- um.."

How do i put this into words? How do I tell someone I've fallen madly in love with that they're the reason why I wished to die, for my pain to end?

The pain was suffocating, heart aching for a new reason to live.

Kaminari expected to have started coughing up more orange and yellow petals.

But nothing came.

Not even a drop of crimson red blood pooled into his mouth, not a single one.

"The person who caused it was... A person i know very well, h- he is.. Y-"

Kaminari couldn't continue, it was simply too painful.


Kaminari shook his head gently, opening his mouth to speak once more.

"Y.. You."

Sero froze, he didn't know how to react at all.

He was the one who put him into such misery?

"You.. Should probably.."

Sero began speaking, Kaminari could feel his throat and mouth dry,crimson blood and petals returning to him.

Kaminari couldn't stop himself from coughing, he began choking on his breath as he tired to keep the petals down.

Sero looked at him with concern

"Are you okay?"
His voiced laced with worry, he reached his hands out to Kaminari but only to be pushed away.

Kaminari stood up and stumbled out of the room, leaving confused and concerned Sero behind.

He began sobbing, his pain returning to him in waves but it was a thousands times worse.

'Why was i so stupid to think that he was starting to love me back?'

His breathing hitched with every small cough, his lungs could collapse at any moment.

His body ached and shook, the pain disabling him.
He was so caught up in his thoughts and cries that he couldn't hear Sero calling his name.

"Kaminari, im so sorry but i.. Cant feel the same for you. I wish you didn't have to suffer because of me."

Kaminari put on a weak smile, blood dripping down his lip.

"Its okay, it's my fault for falling for someone who could never feel the same."

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