This is not An Update.........YET

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Sooooo im just here to inform yall that i will be updatin at around 12:30 or what not!!

If not then, then it will either earlier or a little later.

But just know that im not givin up on yall reward and imma stick to my word!!

Thank Yall💛

P.s.- just to let yall know its rlly hard to come up with shit but ill try. In the meantime give me some ideas??!?!?!?


Who else thinks Harry Styles is bae with a very powerful ass voice and that dimple whew im gettin off track but who else tho😍😍😋???!?

He so wise too!!

His songs have so much meanin like this one song he got is called Kiwi and its so woman empowering!!

And then we got Sign of the Times just listenin to the lyrics put me in fuckin heavin especially the meanin behind it.
The meanin behind it is that a mother has just given birth and the doctors tell her that she only has 5 mins until she dies. So therefore she only has 5 mins to say things to her baby before she out. The lyrics of the song is what shes sayin to him!! Its so heartbreakin to be honest!!

Another song i like is Sweet Creature like whewwwwww but anyways im over here white girlin🙄😂😂😂

But whats yall opinion!!!!

And tell me if yall went and listened to those songs if not already!!!

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