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Stiles <3
Did you finish packing? xx

On the road actually xx

Stiles <3
Stacey, get off your phone smh you could get killed.

Its an opened road and there's nobody around wdym

Stiles <3
Fine, be safe, okay? I love you xx

I love you too xx

I put down my phone and looked at the long road. My music was blasting and I was bobbing my head up and down. I wonder what it'll be like not having to worry about the supernatural anymore.

The conversation was short with Stiles, but I didn't mind, Scott and the other's don't even get a text from him because he's always busy. So, I'm grateful for that. Now it's just me, myself, and I. Haha

I had followed the directions to my house and I will be sharing a house with three other roommates like Stiles. Speaking of, I really hope he made friends by now. Anyways, I pull up in the driveway, three other cars were there.

None of them was black. That's one thing I noticed, one car was bright pink, another was clean and white, and the other one was bright red. I suddenly hope that none of them was like the girls from Mean Girls, because me and them wouldn't mix very well.

I chew on my lower lip and I jumped out of the car and already, my three roommates were out of the house and squealing, clearly, they know I'm here. "Oh, my god, you must be Stacey!" I smiled at the perky blonde with bright blue eyes, dang. Are those hair extensions or what?

"Hi, and you must be..." I trailed off, feeling bad that I don't know her name but she smiled, she was also chewing gum.

"I'm Annable, but you can call me Anna since we're roommates now," Annable- Anna, says, grinning. "This is Rachel and Georgia!" Regina, Georgia, same thing, right?

"Cool car," Regina- sorry, Georgia compliments. "Secondhand?" I ignored that comment even though she was right, it was a second hand. I just smiled.

"Sorry, ignore Georgia, she's a bit of an idiot sometimes," Anna glares down at her friend and Georgia just rolls her pretty brown eyes. "Anyways, welcome! Make yourself at home and ask any questions, we'll sure to help!"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Rachel asked. I noticed that she has really long black hair, her eyes are basically black.

"Don't ask her that, of course, she doesn't." Georgia rolled her eyes. I'm slightly offended.

"Matter of fact I do have a boyfriend, not that he's any of your concern," I say, with some sass. These girls are so rude. Well, at least Georgia is.

"Oh, yeah, what's his name?" Georgia challenged.

I rolled my eyes. "Stiles," I say, causing her to laugh. I clenched my jaw slightly and blocked her out, just walking back over to my car and grabbing a box from the boot. "Um, can someone please show me my room?"

"Oh, I will!" Georgia says.

"No, she won't, I will," Rachel says, rolling her eyes. I think I like her out of the three of them. Anna just glares at Georgia who ignored her. "Follow me." I follow her and move past them and Rachel shows me my room. "Sorry about Georgia, she can be rude sometimes. Just ignore her."

"It's fine," I say, shaking my head. I then put down my box and I fiddled with my necklace, I feel a little bit homesick now. I would much rather fight supernatural than be here.

"If you need anything, just let me know." I nod at Rachel's words and she left me to it. I just sad down on my not made bed.

I called Scott. On FaceTime, obviously, I don't have enough money to call him.

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