Phone Call [Law x Reader]

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This is probably not good, but I just wanted to write something to fight the writer's block I've been dealing with since December started, so hope you can enjoy it.



Your pupils dilated to get accustomed to the lack of light as you opened your eyes.

Bringing a hand up to your face to rub the tiredness away, you held back a groan. You had just had a very realistic nightmare, more like a memory, as you had basically relived your escape from Doflamingo with Law and his ripped off arm.

His blood had soaked your coat and its smell had filled your nostrils.

It had been one of the worst moments of your life, not knowing if the surgeon would get to live another day, so revisiting that memory wasn't exactly a pleasurable experience.

You hesitated before uncovering your body and exiting the room you shared with Nami and Robin, making your greatest effort not to wake them up. As you tiptoed your way out of the room, you took a hold of the hoodie you had left on the foot of your bed.

Carefully, you left the corridor behind and walked into the kitchen, flicking the switcher once the door was closed behind you.

It was already pretty late, the starred night sky visible through the kitchen window, and so you hesitated as you sat on the wooden bench, glancing down at the Den Den Mushi in your hands. You knew the surgeon had a tendency to stay up late, but you didn't want to wake him up if he was already asleep.

Shivering, you brought your feet to rest on top of the bench, burying yourself deeper in the black and yellow hoodie and hugging your legs as you let your fingers dance over the numbers.

You just needed to know that he was okay.

The snail rang a couple of times before someone picked it up on the other side, and you held your breath until the husky voice you had learned to love filled the air.

"Oi, do you know how late it is?" Law groaned.

You closed your eyes and exhaled relieved.

"Sorry," you mumbled, bringing the neck of the hoodie up to the bridge of your nose to cover the coy smile that played on your lips.

"(Y/N)-ya," his tone softened as he identified you, "is everything alright?"

"Yeah, I just... Did I wake you up?"

"No, I'm still in my office. Is something wrong? Why are you calling me this late?" Law asked, the urgency in his voice escalating as you hadn't really answered his question.

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