Chapter Thirteen : Daeng

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I awoke in a room that was different from mine, more clean, and white. And the world around me seemed relatively calm. A bright light towered above my head. Casting a siloutte. It felt like all  the problems and insecurity that the Earth once possessed, just vanished.  

I stayed still. Part of me didn't want to awake from this state. In case it was heaven, which it felt like it was. I wanted to stay like this, forever. Never moving. Never worrying. Just sitting here enjoying the eveiteble silence and gazing at the calming white paint that plastered the walls surrounding me. Because that's all I could do. I'm not complaining of course, who wouldn't want calmness, but the silence, and the shiny bright white wall paint slowly began to consume me. It didn't soothe me like it used too, instead it scolded me. Mocking me, as if saying you aren't better than me and I know it's silly to argue with paint, but once again, I had nothing better to do. So I did.

At one point, I tried calling to my wolf. 

Dalia! Dalia. Where are we?  

But there was never any awnser. 

 Eventually, I  wanted to leave. But my feet refused to work and my mouth remained shut. I was trapped. Concealed in my own mind. And that's when I realized, I wasn't really awake. Hell, perhaps I wasn't even alive. The silence...

was driving me mad.  

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