Mr. Campbell

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Mr. Campbell's Theme:

Wednesday October 12, 2016

Abigail sat quietly in Mr. Campbell's Chemistry class, her penultimate class of the day, stunned in silence as her mind tried to process everything the previous night's dream had revealed.

"Jessica Anderson murdered Nadia. I'm sure of it!" she fumed, unaware of the conversation happening around her. "And just because she was paranoid that Nadia wanted to steal her boyfriend, Vincent Bartek. Gross."

"But I wonder...did Jessica act alone? Did she have Vincent do the dirty deed for her? I still remember that vision of Vincent attacking Nadia in the locker wouldn't surprise me if-"

"Abigail?" Mr. Campbell called out, snapping her out of her reverie. "Didn't you hear me call your name?'

Everybody in the classroom faced her, eyeing her with confusion at the unusual lack of focus she was displaying. At the front of the classroom stood Mr. Campbell poised in front of his chalkboard with a chunk of white chalk in hand. Abigail felt herself blush in embarrassment at realizing that she'd lost focus in a class led by one of Bellview's fairest teachers.

"Please, Abigail, do remember to stay focused," Mr. Campbell patiently told her. "I understand that it's late in the day, and that you must be tired as such, but nonetheless-"

"Pay attention, tranny!"

All heads whirled towards Chase Anderson leering at Abigail from the other end of the classroom, leaning out of his chair as he jeered at her. Abigail rolled her eyes impatiently, forever annoyed that she had to deal with the blonde bloke for another period out of her school day. Chase had evidently seized what he'd seen as a golden opportunity to harass her.

Before she could retort, a harsh snapping sound resounded, and the entire class warily turned their attention to the front of the room. To the terror of every single student in his class, Mr. Campbell stood rigid and crimson-faced, holding a ruined piece of chalk in his curled fist.

"Get out of my class, Chase Smith."

His words were soft-spoken but filled with fury, and Chase remained seated in dumbfounded shock at a teacher directly calling him out. It was the first time since any of them had met Mr. Campbell that they heard him vocalize any amount of anger. For them, including Abigail, it was a terrifying first.

"Wait, what?" Chase stupidly asked, triggering the entirety of Mr. Campbell's sudden rage.

"GET OUT OF MY CLASS!" the furious teacher bellowed, and Chase fled for his life, so scared that he left his books and bag behind without a second thought.

The rest of the class passed in stunned silence, with Mr. Campbell angrily rushing through the rest of his lecture. When the period bell rang, he coldly dismissed them, still fuming at Chase's unwarranted remark.

Abigail remained behind as the rest of her classmates filed out, all of them muttering to each other about their teacher's alarming anger. She remained seated, awkwardly hoping that she could strike up a conversation with Mr. Campbell about anything he could tell her regarding Nadia.

He stood exhausted behind his desk, frowning bitterly as he and Abigail gazed at each other. They were now completely alone, and the last footsteps of hurrying students outside in the hall dimmed away.

"I'm sorry about that, Abigail," he quietly told her, sighing as he leaned over his teacher's desk. "That...was completely unacceptable, what Chase said. I'm sick of your harassers not getting reprimanded like they should."

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