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just one-sided.

You rested your chin on the palm of your hand looking through the eyes of the man that you like for many years. He gazes his eyes to yours and you didn't move an inch and just kept looking at them with fascination realizing how much you love the uniqueness in them.

"I'm sorry [y/n]," you blinked at the sudden apology.

"What for?" you asked.

"I think we should end this whole fling thing," he said.

"Let me guess, she finally accepted you, huh".

He looks down to his hands and you just kept smiling and snorted as if you don't care but you actually do.

"I mean, we did agree not to date. That's our agreement," you laughed.


"At least tell meㅡ tell me that my first kiss you took isn't for nothing," you tried not to let your voice cracked but fails.

"It's not for nothing, you were specialㅡ and I liked you"

You gave him a small smile and blinked your eyes causing the tears to roll on your cheeks. "Thank You," you said to him.

Although he can never be yours, but you did had a special bond with him. He held your hand, gave you an assuring hug, cuddled with you and most important of all, he was your first kiss.

Even though all of that are just part of an agreement but you value those things that you did with him. He was never yours and you're okay with that as much as it hurts you.

He never loved you as much as he loves the girl that he always wanted but that's okay.

At the least he appreciated you.




*Based on a true story.

It hurts being run over but knowing that you love someone so much that you don't even care being a temporary hurts much more but bearing the pain is what keeping you stronger.

Honestly, it's okay to be an extra for somebody who is having a rough time with their ex or crushes. You love them so I know that you're willing to be a stand-in to heal their broken heart.

It's okay to tell them that you love them and if they tell you that they love you back don't get your hopes up and remember the reason why you they treated you as though you're in a relationship.

If you couldn't stand the pain that they gave you, talk to them. Tell them that your feelings are real. Ask them if they wanted to keep going.

This advice is for everybody who are only flings to their loved ones and to those who are in a 'special' relationship.

And this one-shot is honestly dedicated to me.

Love is beautiful. It teaches you things that you have never felt. It's painful but that's what helped you learn from the mistakes you did and from the mistakes your partner(s) did.

If people tell you that it's wrong to be a fling or a stand-in then tell them that's just what love is.

Even me. I'm having a problem of my own as well. He's not my boyfriend or my fling. But for him, I'd do anything to make him forget from the past that's just how much I like him.

Even though he can never look at me the same, even though I can never beat his ex but lmao, I'm not going to give up.

Sorry for this long A/N. I'm not really sure who turn to anymore so I'm just gonna leave what I feel here. My friends aren't helping at all and right now, I only have myself to support. So if you guys ever need some love advice or just a normal advice. I am willing to give some.

Because right now, I'm starting to take my own advice. No apologies to my friends at all.

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