The girl outside

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I was at home everybody's eating there dinner while I was finished eating. I called my friend to chat a bit, because I was bored nothing to do else. So I called her anyway, we were chatting about WoW (World of Warcraft).

"Then my boyfriend in WoW, left me. that was kinda rude for him to lea-" then this starts, I was interupted by screams outside my bedroom window, I jumped out of my bed like a kangaroo or a rhino (my foot was broken, I broke even worse)

"Ahhhh, shhhh owww. MY FOOT!!!!" I screamed by pain and terror that was outside waiting for me

"Lulu, did you heard these screams?!" I was shaking and scared to death "h-holy crap!"

"Yea yea I heard these screams," lulu said (btw, lulu is my friend). "Why don't you check it out maybe they are children?"

I went to check out what was going on outside, when I was faced by face by a girl standing right beside my window, staring at me. Her body was not normal at all. Her body was twisted her hair was covered in blood she's wearing white, it really really scared my soul out of of my skin. She just stared into my soul.

"It's not a kid, I-it's a demon girl" she screamed one more time and I tried to run only in one leg. I tried until I reached my moms bedroom. I was shaking so badly.

"Hello? You hung up?" I asked

"Yea, I'm still on phone" she replied

"She was not normal at all, what should I do?" Tears starts falling down my eyes

"Know know. I'll tell you what to do, first shut the hell up second forget about it, third lets continue talking about WoW." She said annoyed.

"Ok ok I'll try to calm down," I walked beside my mom's bedroom window, and opened the curtains. And saw her right beside me in the window again.

"Ahhhhh!!!!! She followed me!!" I screamed again

"Ok! Be quiet! Let me finish. Then I went to dungeon and that horde killed m-"

"She's still here!!! She won't stop staring at me," I said whispering screaming.

"Ok would you just SHUT UP??!!" She screamed at the phone









Ok that's not a joke that really happened real, you see it funny but I'm Serious! It real

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