Chapter 1

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It's been 9 years since Boras died. 

I've been alone since then.

I tried to squeeze through the crowd, the other high school students were inconveniently crowding at the most populated areas, making it difficult for me to make it to my class in the easiest way.

Though my 5'3" form was barely squeezing through with other students, I got a few dirty looks from those who were causing the traffic. I kept my head hung low, squeezing my eyes shut briefly to shake the feeling of their hate-filled eyes. 

My own pack mates even gave me dirty looks, not that they were fond of me to begin with. Ever since Boras died when I was 8, their bullying and abuse got significantly worse. The pack basically left me to fend for myself. I taught myself how to cook and clean, and walked miles everyday to be able to at least go to school and town. 

I finally popped out of the crowd and stumbled into my classroom where no one paid any attention to me. Just how I like it. Tip-toeing to my desk I noticed a rather tall girl sitting there. 

"Excuse me." I whispered, but she was adamantly speaking to another girl sitting nearby. "Excuse me." I spoke just a little louder, but to no avail. 

You may be wondering: Why don't you just sit somewhere else?

Well, this class is one of the few fuller ones, and if I pick a different seat someone is gonna have a problem with me and try to pick a fight. After just a week of having this class I figured out the perfect place to sit, but now it's occupied and I have no idea what to do. 

So I stood there.

Like an idiot.

Soon enough the rest of the class filed in and she left to go sit with the more popular kids. I sighed a small sigh of relief and set my stuff next to the desk, pulling out all the things I need to be able to take notes.

The teacher spent some time trying to get the class to pay attention to him, eventually giving up and teaching the topic to those who actually pay attention. Namely me and the other losers of the class. 

The rest of the class was in the back, on their phones, chatting with each other, and the occasional couples making out like some cliche. 

I was utterly disgusted by their behavior. 

They were all werewolves of prestigious packs, all coming together because of a treaty stating we all have to come to this school to better pack relationships. The adults who made this treaty overestimated the teens' willingness to actually participate in this. Besides, their behavior is a poor representation of their actual packs, well except maybe mine. 

The alpha of my pack is a disgusting man and wolf. His mate even left him because she couldn't handle how vile he was. Her departure destroyed his wolf, making him go even madder, which affected the whole pack, causing everyone to start fighting everyone and everything.

I was surprised there wasn't a civil war amongst our pack. 

I found myself, tapping my pencil on my desk aimlessly, getting lost in my depressing thoughts.

Little did I know that a pair of ocean blue eyes were staring at me.

Either way, the bell rang which signaled the rest of my miserable day, especially since I ended up in the classes where it's majority of the River Side Pack. 

Don't be fooled by their simple name. 

They are more organized, ruthless, and much MUCH larger than my pack.

Their alpha was just in my class with a few of his pack mates, but in the rest of my class it alternates between him and his beta with so many of their pack mates. My pack mates and the other packs do not populate this school as much as River Side pack. 

Once again the hallways were extremely crowded, but this time the crowds seemed to part just a little. A lot of their gazes were trained to behind me, and from what I could sense there was definitely someone walking awfully close to me. Enough to make me really uncomfortable, yet there was some comforting warmth. 

I wasn't going  to dare looking behind me but I was able to look into a nearby slim window of a door to see it was the alpha of the River Side pack himself walking extremely close to me. Almost like those personal guards for the young Lunas who go here.

I think even the alpha behind me's luna has a whole army of guards who are a mix of students and teachers. Though I feel like they were more ordered to protect her than they actually want to. Which is weird, usually a pack mate would jump at the chance to protect their luna.

I heard the approval of a luna is the second best thing, rivaled only by a mate.

I made it to my class and before I could walk in through the open doorway someone roughly grabbed my sweatshirt-covered arm, pulling farther and farther away while the hallways were clearing. 

I stumbled backwards, unable to see my captor but I was sure as hell terrified. I'm probably the weakest of the already weak pack and definitely the shortest and smallest of the whole school, even if I was 17.

I try to pry my arm from this iron grip but I was just thrown into a janitor's closet. I shut my eyes, thinking it was my pack mates again about to beat me up then lock me up here like they've been doing since freshman year when they realized how they could lock the janitor's closet from the outside. 

"Don't hurt me." I throw my hands above my head and crouch out out habit, protecting my delicate body the best I could with what little muscle I had. "I can't take another." 

"Another?" A deep velvety voice growled out, something soothing yet frightening about it. I did not dare look up. "Look at me."

Well crap.

I started shaking, feeling my hands trembling the most violently out of my whole body. I peaked one of my eyes open meeting the cold, harsh, glare of the alpha of the River Side Pack. Something inside me began screaming that he was my mate, but I was distracted by the disgusted look in his eye. 

"I, Alpha Axel Brinks of the River Side Pack reject," he paused, "What's your name again?" 

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