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Samuel's hand rested on the butt of the old gun in his coat pocket, realizing finally that he had no leads on this case. His leads had brought him to Clovis' bar, and besides learning a secret so terrible one of the greatest powers in the City now held a burning sword over his head, there was no new information about where Silas might be.

Except, that he now knew the Secret Silas was working to uncover. And he knew the boy cared deeply for a girl.

And that girl knew the truth.

Samuel cursed, and looked out the window. Convinced he was still alone, Samuel set the box aside and left a piece of paper open on the Captain's desk. "Captain Raeth, where is Angela Destir right now?

At once, a flash of fire swept across the page.

Alas, that among my prodigious powers I was not blessed with divination or clairvoyance.

"You're getting really snarky, you know."

You should have met my master. I'm eighty-nine miles away, and two miles in the air. If you have a location, I can ask Agrias to dispatch a squad.

"Have one sent to the Riverwash Hospice. Silas Miller is going to try and reach Amanda Destir. He's fond of her, has lost his family, and he believes that she's involved in the secret that has him on the run," Samuel explained.

Ironic that he's correct on every count. I'll confer with Agrias. Give me half a minute.

Samuel leaned against the wall and began picking through his thoughts. There were pieces about this case that bit at the back of his mind, inconsistencies that he worried might drive him mad.

Rosemary Miller's murder, where according to the coroner, the likely suspects ought to be Crafters familiar with war. Worse still, because most rejects would have a hard time getting into the Agora, the most plausible suspects were those who could craft at a distance.

Like someone who could write on a piece of paper eighty-nine miles away.

The Fury is at Riverwash. Amanda was discharged earlier this morning to return to work.

The realisation struck Samuel like a blow. "Discharged? Okay Captain, ask Mathias to see if anyone asked about her earlier today. Particularly a young man with a fussy haircut and a High Central accent. I'm taking Angela and Bertram to the Foundry. Can you warn Crafter Ratterson?"

I will. Make haste. I will contact the Comptroller General to ensure your train is given priority.

Samuel cursed, took the piece of paper, and walked it to a nearby torch, setting it on fire. Unable to find a metal garbage can nearby, he was forced to hold it upright by a corner until nearly all of it was gone.

Samuel flapped his arm until the flames vanished, dropped the rest of the paper in his captain's drinking glass, and sprinted out of the office.

"Sam," Captain Vaska began to say.

"No time, Captain!" Samuel said as he dashed by, "I have a lead!"

Samuel raced down the hall and threw open the door to his office. Angela nearly jumped out of her seat, and Bertram was stunned enough to raise an eyebrow.

"What is it, Sam?" Angela asked.

"Amanda Destir. Silas' next move will be to go after her. It has to be!" Samuel explained excitedly, as he shut the door and strode inside.

To Samuel's own surprise, there was a Salamander lying on Angela's desk. The weapon was in pieces, and oil and a few rags were lying in a corner. "The Captain issued you that?"

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