nine; a bit blurry

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C H A P T E R N I N E ;

finn's pov;

' d i a l  t o n e . . . wait finally!' i readjusted into a straighter position as my call transfer was accepted.
"hey, what's up!" i played off casually, my voice cracking at the end, oh fuck that always happens.

i waited for a response, but never got one.
"uh you coming back to the dorm tonight? you stormed out of the building... jaeden's probably with you," i trailed off, saying the last bit under my breath.

"i'll see you tomorrow finn," millie's voice eventually came through the speakers a bit scratchy- had she cried? i pressed my phone closer to my ear to listen better, allowing me to tell for sure.

"you feeling okay?" i asked concerned, scratching the back of my neck. i heard a little giggle making me grin with slight relief of pressure i held together.

"you've got to stop asking me that, i'm all good," she reassured, yet i still don't think it was the most believable.

"yeah yeah sorry, jus' wanted to tell you some news if you don't mind!" i stood up and danced my fingers along my cheap wooden bed frame, "i'm listening," she responded plainly.

"wellll, maddie is my girlfriend as of uh, a few hours ago! thank you for all the help- i mean you didn't do much but still," i laughed, hearing silence in return.


i was the one to break it. "you there?"

"i-i gotta go..."

my lips pursed into a small frown, i thought she'd be excited for me to have scored a date. "oh okay goodnight, love you!"

there was a pause until the beep of the call ending filled my head, my stomach tugged with an uncomfortable feeling. she's definitely keeping something from me, i'm not clueless.
(sure most of my friends say i am, but i'm sure that's bullshit.)

clicking off the nearby lamp, i heard a*bing*, a notification from millie posting on instagram this weirdly late.

you see, we promised to turn on each other's notifications back in high school so we could get first like... gotta admit that it's really stupid, but i do it for her.

before setting my alarm for tomorrow's classes, i clicked on it and brought up her post.

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