Chapter 1

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Astrid POV:
"Ugh," I mutter awaking from my deep sleep. I rub my forehead and turn my head to my sleeping husband, which I smile too. I groggily get out of bed, not feeling very well today.
"Maybe I just need some food," I  say. I open the cupboards, but find nothing I wanted to eat. I grabbed a pan out of the cupboard, but a wave of nausea hit me, and I ran to the bathroom dropping the pan. I ran to the toilet, and wasted the continuous stomach acids out of my system. Hiccup came running in, probably hearing the pan fall. He moved my hair, and rubbed my back.  I wiped my mouth, and sat down. Hiccup giving me a worried look. "This is the second day you have been throwing up babe, maybe we should go to the new healer, Aneska." Hiccup says. "Hiccup I'm fine-" I began before I turned around to throw up again. "Ok we are going to Aneska! Now!" My young husband said. "Fine!" I groan as I give in. He picks me up, and walked me slowly over to Aneska's hut. Hiccup knocks on Aneska's door, and she opens the door, revealing the young healer. "Oh my thor! She is so pale!" Aneska shouts. "Bring her inside!" Aneska motions. Hiccup walked me over to the chair, and I sat down. I held my stomach, hoping to not get sick again.
"Ok dear, what is the problem?" Aneska says. "Well she has been throwing up for the past 2 days, and she pale." Hiccup says running his fingers through my hair.
"I think I may know! But I need the facts first! And don't be embarrassed to tell me!" Aneska answers. "Ok Astrid. How are your flows? Has it been awhile?" Aneska asks. I thought about it, and Hiccup waits for my answer. I nodded.
"And um I don't know how to say this....when is the last time you know.." Aneska asks. Hiccups face started to turn red and stared at her, and I was shocked. "Come on," Aneska asks. Hiccup sighed. "Like a month and half ago," Be says. Aneska nodded and went over to her books across the hut.
"Why does she need to know that?!" I whisper to Hiccup. "I don't know babe, let's just roll with it until she gives you a diagnosis." Hiccup says, still combing through my long hair.
I heard loud squeals across the room, and it was Aneska. She ran over to me and Hiccup.

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